Monday, June 9, 2014

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #127

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

    The war is over, now we rebuild. That's the opening line for this issue of The Walking Dead. All Out War ended on a low note with Negan still alive but imprisoned and the Hilltop and the Kingdom coming together to move forward in this world. How will Rick deal with the threats to come and the threats right under his nose? Only one way to find out and that's to just dive into this damn book!

    This issue opens up with a group of survivors who've been making their way across with a couple horses and a tanker you see on Mack trucks. They get overrun by a herd pretty quickly though, tearing through their horse and even turning over the entire tanker! Now its an all out brawl putting the humans against the dead, but before it gets too gritty, and after only losing one member of the group, they're saved by a man on a horse in armor. Its Jesus! Him, Eugene and Rosita have some kind of system to steer herds in the direction they want. Its a very intricate plan they use, so the herds don't come anywhere near their towns. Jesus comes back to the new group and offers to bring them back to their location. In today's world, they're still careful, but offer a safe haven to all who seek it.

    Back at the home of Rick and Andrea, we see our main character getting up and getting ready for the day. He's built himself a fancy little claw, glove, sleeve thing for his nub...I mean right hand. A brace for his leg which was snapped by Negan and a little cane to help himself get along. He's also cut his hair and is letting his beard grow. My man's looking more and more like Paul Bunyan every other day. He's basically become the mayor of the town and is getting ready to go off on his daily checks when Carl comes into the kitchen. I couldn't stop laughing at these panels because Carl looks absolutely ridiculous. Its almost like the creators WANT us to hate him. He's let his hair grow out but its slicked straight down, so he looks like a little Asian boy, and he's taken to wearing sunglasses all day, but with a lens only on the side where he lost his eye. Its too much for me to handle. He wants to sit down with Rick and talk about something, but Rick keeps putting it off for later and later, hopefully its nothing too serious.

    The town is flourishing. There's food patches everywhere and new buildings going up little by little. They truly are building a new civilization. It kind of sucks to just know that if this book wants to keep selling, all this happiness has to come to a terrible fiery halt very soon. Jesus returns to town with the newcomers and they have a little sit down with Rick to go over the rules. They all introduce themselves, Kelly (a dude), Luke, Connie, Yumiko, and Magna. They set the ground rules and everyone is off to be placed in homes and given jobs. Everything seems to be going so smooth with this new system they have set up. Back at home, Rick and Carl finally talk it out. Turns out all Carl wanted was to go to Hilltop and learn some trades. Rick has been very against this because deep down he's afraid. Its a whole day's ride away and he doesn't want anything to happen and there be nothing he can do about it. They come to an agreement that Rick'll at least think about it, and that's better than nothing. Rick goes to bed and Carl heads to the basement to have a chat with a shadowy figure. He see at the end that its Negan. Carl's been coming downstairs to talk to him regularly, but it hasn't taken away his dire want to kill him.

    That was an interesting end to the issue, everything seemed great and then that curveball ending. Its almost like that odd twist in the Stepford Wives. What exactly does Carl mean to be doing by talking to Negan? Is Negan getting into Carl's head little by little? I wouldn't be surprised. And don't forget about the newcomers that have been added to the town. Can they be trusted? Will Rick trust them? Trust trusting trust? We'll just have to keep reading to figure out where all of this goes.

-Matt Milanes

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