Sunday, July 13, 2014

Comics Rant: Daredevil #158

Written by: Roger McKenzie
Art by: Frank Miller

Here we are again kicking off another collection of older books in another Retro Review. This time around we're tackling the book that put both Frank Miller and DareDevil on the map. You know him from projects like Sin City, 300 and The Dark Knight Returns. Now well get to see where it all started.

This was a very short issue. I'm not sure if that's because of the way comics were in that time (late 70's) or if McKenzie couldn't wrap up this arc in a longer manner. Either way, it stands out just as fine. Our hero, Matt Murdock has been kidnapped by some animal dude guy things leavi his law partner Foggy Nelson back at the office, hurt with all their secretaries. Matts taken throughout the city by these guys and it leads to a cemetery. He's then confronted by the dreaded Death Stalker.
A foe known for taking lives with his hands! after he pays the lackeys and they're nice and distracted, he kills them in cold blood. This gives Matt enough time to escape his restraints and dawn his DD gear. But that's exactly what the Stalker wanted, isn't it? He's got a grudge against the ol' Horn Head for a fight they had waaaaaay back in DareDevil 41 back in June 1968. DareDevil knocked Death Stalker into some limbo void of time, space and death, where he learned his new trick and got his new name.

Death Stalker has one advantage on Matt right now, he can travel in that void he was trapped in, making him hard and nearly impossible to touch so he has to be smart about this one.He evens these odds by blasting out the street light that lights up the cemetery. This now makes Death Stalker as blind as DareDevil and he can't see anything that's going on around him. Now, Matt can whoop his ass a lot easier! Unfortunately for Death Stalker, this enrages him and he jumps at Matt through a tombstone but in his rage, he goes solid and traps himself inside the rock. He now has added himself to a monument of a dead person. Kinda creepy, and gruesome but totally awesome!

Matt heads back to the office and everyone is alright. In a couple days it should all return to normal. Matt stays back at the office as everyone goes home, because this damn work horse still has some legal things to handle. This crazy ass man gets kidnapped, fights a crazy bad guy and still doesn't even call out of work. Ugh, crazy gingers. This was, again, a quick read but I enjoyed it. I like seeing debuts of artists and this was a real good one. I'm excited to read the rest of Miller's work on DareDevil and may even hunt down some of his other work. Until next week!

-Matt Milanes

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