Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reboots and Relaunches: July 2014

Hey there, folks. Tash Moore here back with the post you all seem to love, but can never seem to keep around. Much like a family member who takes the coins in your piggy banks then slides out of a window in the dead of night. (That really happened to me in the summer of 1996. No lie.)  It’s Reboots and Relaunches. Named for every time someone’s sales are slipping in any book. One of those two things happen. Shit, look at how bad things got for DC, and they did BOTH to all their titles. I’m slowly waiting for this to happen over at Marvel. If only so they can find a way to finally get that Captain America/ Goofy crossover By Mark Waid and Geroge Perez. I’d buy it. Shit, you know you would too! Legit! But really as always I’m just here to report “News” and then add my own wit to it. And by wit I really mean that I’ll give my opinion of the comic book news.  For the record, almost anytime when anyone writes “opinion” on the Internet they really mean total hatred. I’ll try to be a little more kind here, but no promises.

So the first shot of Superman or fucking Hopeman, if Kal-El is to be believed in “Man of Steel”  from the Batman/Superman movie due out in the next two years hit the interwebs. Holy crap it looks……just like the same damn suit he wore in Man of Steel. Huh. Must have been a real slow news day. What? Rob Liefeld didn’t draw something that day? Ahh I kid about good ol’ Rob. But no, I’m totally serious that no one should "mark out" for a photo of Henry Cavill in his Superman duds standing in the damn rain. The only people who should are the goobers who sit down and somehow watch the Twilight films and don’t feel the overwhelming urge to dig their eyeballs out. Nuff Said.

Well I read some bad news. Jeff Lemire is leaving Green Arrow. This made me sad because, let’s face it, GA has been pretty damn good lately. It’s done a total 180 from being in the crapper of the DCnU. He’s only been on the title a few months but he’s done soooo much more than most writers have done in the last 20 years.

Wait, I gotta give the devil his due, this is the best Green Arrow since Kevin Smith. Oh, don’t look at me like that. You all know it was damn good. And damn good and Kevin Smith just don’t live together……at all. So new writers Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokolowski  are taking a “back to basics” approach to the book. For those who have been in the Industry, we all know that back to basics means that “We didn’t really read the shit that came before so screw that, We’ll  just write what we remember from the 1970’s and collect a paycheck. Sound good? Great.” So I guess what I’m really trying to say is this $2.99 book is getting the axe soon. Hat’s off to Mr. Jeff Lamire and the whole crew for kicking ass on Green Arrow.

Speaking of Creative changes, Cameron Stewart, will be taking over Batgirl some time later in the year.
I’m really fine with this. Gail Simone has outdone herself with this title. I still remember when the Internet exploded when they heard that she was taken off this book and then we got her her JOB back. Ah, the power of the net! Now if we could only get a new Star Trek tv show off the ground! If only. Ok so back to Stewart, I feel this will be a lot of fun and I still remember his work on Batman and Robin back before Grant Morrison wasn’t so heavy handed on the blow. Yup, It’s true.

OK the last thing that I want to go over has something to do with Marvel Comics. They are ending the Marvel Essential Line. It’s being replaced with the new Marvel Epic Line. The Essential’s were Black and White and had about twenty issues for $19.99  It was a really cool way ( I felt) to get some older adventures of your favorite heroes in your hand. It was a cheap way to pass the time with some fun comics, but now this Epic line will be in color and have less comics. Huh, looks like that seems to be the trend with the House of  Ideas. Do the same shit over and over again and charge MORE money for it. Why don’t I just bend over a table for Joe Q and crew to save me sometime now for when they show up at my apartment and rand sack it while beating me to a pulp and tearing up my Batman comics, pointing out how Robin is gay. Yeah, you can tell I’ve clearly thought way too much about this. So that’s where I’ll leave you off to brood about the sad and some awesome changes here in comics and I’ll try to get back next month to talk total nonsense. That’s entertainment, baby!

-Tash Moore

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  1. I can't get excited about any promo pictures from a movie that doesn't come out for two years haha.