Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Moon Knight #5

Written By Warren Ellis
Art By Declan Shalvey
Colors By Jordie Bellaire

Oh, Moon Knight! As a young man, nothing made me more happy than reading comic books, Normally of the Spider-Man and Batman type and then playing a good video game. Mostly beat-em ups and fighting games. (Double Dragon and Street Fighter II to be exact.) I bring all these things up because after I read Moon Knight #5( Which you all can clearly see is my pick of the week.) I felt Moon Knight #5 combined all those things that I loved (Comics and Games) into a really awesome marriage. (Minus the fighting and name calling and calls to the cops to stop the fussin’ and the fuedin’.) of the two. I first got into Moon Knight thanks to the Marvel Essential program. Glorious black and white reprints of Doug Moench’s work from the 1980’s which is clearly worth it’s weight in gold.
( Don’t try pawning it, it already tried, I got $2.23)

Olivia got a big kick out of this book and I could see why she’d make it her pick of the week so many times. I was pretty high on this book myself but something was just off and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then I read Issue 5 and holy shit. I had so much fun reading this issue. It was as if Moon Knight and Double Dragon had combined for one time. For those who aren’t reading this, first off shame on you and then second go spend whatever you have to to go out and track it down. (Even at the cost of money and loved ones. Hey, what have they ever really done for you?)

So a little girl named Scarlet has been kidnapped by some morons held up in a gang slash drug house. You know, just the normal standard fare. When Moon Knight gets wind of this he’s off to save the day. Also Moon Knight has a cool working agreement with the NYPD to be a consultant under the name “Mr. Knight.” It’s awesome. I’ll admit to you that whenever I see the name Mr. Knight I start to laugh inside my head. I’m guilty of hearing Mr. Black from The Simpson's pop in from time to time when Moon Knight has his back and fourths with the NYPD. It’s funny stuff, you should try it.

So anyway, back to my review. Anyway Scarlet is being held and Moon Knight takes it upon himself to get her back. What then follows was like something out of Capcom’s Final Fight! Almost like Level after level, Moon Knight fights bad guys on each floor (sometimes two at a time.) to reach the top floor to find the little girl. I love how Moon Knight gets upset when throwing his handy billy club ( Think Daredevil but all white.) and one bad guy breaks it. Moon Knight comments of how “These damn things ain’t cheap. His words, not mine.

There was a really cool spot where the little girl, Scarlet recognizes that it’s not a mask that Moon Knight wears, it really his face he wants to show to the world, and the underworld for that matter. The ending has Moon Knight crushing a no good knik with his moon copter and telling him and the other jerk ass low level thugs that when they see his face, they should all do the smart thing. RUN! Short and sweet and boy was it ever to the point. This issue of Moon Knight single handily erased all the crap that soiled the character from that whole Civil War bullshit of a run. Moon Knight is back to being a A plus book again. Good work and thumbs up to the entire creative team. My thumb…..is up!

-Tash Moore

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