Friday, August 15, 2014

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #184

Written By Len Wein
Pencils By George Perez
Inks By Joe Sinnott
Colors By Glynis Wein

Jumpin’ Jack Flash! Don’t know why I said all that but hey, it got your attention. Didn’t it? Tash Moore and I’m back to give you some awesome Bronze Age Fantastic Four. It’s pretty good stuff. I was reading some of this stuff before but only now am I taking the time to sit down and talk about these issues.

In this issue we pick off from where we left off with a counter Earth version of Reed Richards who could also turn into a hulking monster named the Brute trying to take over our Reed! Thankfully the FF was about to figure this all out in the nick of time. (Don’t they always do that?) A fight breaks out and with the help of a returning good guy Reed to blast bad guy Reed into the Negative Zone! That Fantastic Four sure know how to deal with things. So long as their last name isn’t Doom.

Reed goes to rest while the Baxter Building needs to be cleaned up from the mess. See this is why I like reading Fantatic Four, when a fight breaks out someone has to clean up the mess. Unlike in Thor, we never see the aftermath of all the shit that Thor blows up. Thanks for the realest comic on the rack FF. Tigra and Thundra are hanging around and they along with Johnny Storm all ditch the Thing to leave him to clean up. I guess Sister’s ARE doing it for themselves. Unless it means cleaning up your mess. Have at it Thing. But the best part was how the Thing cleans up. He simply rips up the ground and stuffs the debris under it. Hey if it’s good enough for a five year old, it’s good enough for Ben Grimm.

Reed is resting then Sue wakes him up to say that their son has been taken (Liam Neeson?) along with his supernatural babysitter Agatha Harkness. (Don’t ask.) So the FF head off to find them at her run down home in Salem County. Upon arriving Johnny Storm gets shot down and the FF face a Robocop looking cyborg monster named the Exterminator. No word on if James Cameron stole this from the merry folks over at Marvel. Mr. Fantastic leads on about how he has lost his powers but still comes up with a way to beat the bad guy using his head.

Reed uses Sue’s invisible force field to make the Exterminator think that he’s used his Kill Ray to take them out then he activates his self destruct which he even says once it starts it can’t be stopped. So much for this guy having his shit together. Reed reveals his ruse and the robot cries tears at his fate. I’m pretty sure at some point he yelled out “Why was I programmed to feel pain!” The FF then laughed (okay they didn’t ) then decided it was best to find young Franklin. Good idea.

Nice ebb and flow to the story, my hats off to Len Wein who can write some compelling comics and even bigger kudos to George Perez for drawing some many things in any given panel and keeping all that flowing well. Two pros if there ever were.

-Tash Moore

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