Thursday, August 21, 2014

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #185

Written By Len Wein
Pencils By George Perez
Inks By Joe Sinnott
Colors By Glynis Wein

Tash Moore here with the look back at the 1970’s Fantastic Four. This week we have a very strange tale for you indeed. Before we get back on to the craziness that is me giving a rant about the Fantastic Four let me just say that for a very long time it was one of the most safeguarded titles at the House of Ideas. (Well Fantastic Four and Amazing Spider-Man, if you wanted to know what the other one was.) If you were Joe Nobody off the street, lord knows you didn’t get a crack at  those books until you had proven yourself. Plus you had to be at the top of your game if you didn’t want, then Editor in Chief, Jim Shooter to toss your ass down a flight of steps.

Anyway, all that stuff aside let’s get on with the rant.  Reed Richards wants to find his son, so after last issue’s battle with the Exterminator (The only thing that this sad sack was able to eliminate was himself! What a dumbass! So much for machines being smarter than humans.) Reed takes the egg that he was hatched from and traces it back to a small and well hidden town in Colorado. But before the team leaves, Reed switches to his old school super baby blue duds. Not because he wants to wear vintage clothes, but because his powers are gone and he’s using extendo arms to simulate his stretching powers.

So on the flight to Colorado, the Thing gives a speech to Reed, Johnny, and Sue. “Hey, we are the Fantastic Four, not One, Two or Fifty. We stick together, ya bums!” My thoughts exactly, Mr. Grimm. You don’t leave family hanging just because they can’t use their super human powers anymore. That’s why my mom stopped talking to me. I could not set myself aflame to make s'mores. I was crushed.

So the FF fly into town and they start asking around. The mayor of the town walks out to greet the famous foursome and tells them that they are a quiet little town and rarely get visitors. Also the mayor here is rocking a super sinister beard. You know only bad guys have beards. What politician do you know that ever has a beard and is not skeevey? You know I’m right! Reed Richards just up and decides that little Franklin just ain’t in the town and turns to leave. Just then Agatha Harkness and little Franklin scream out.

Turns out that they have been held prisoner in and by the town. And it turns out the town is really a city of Witches! Yeah, that’s right, the mayor is the head witch named Nicholas Scratch and he wants to keep Franklin and Agatha for his own selfish deeds and ends. The Fantastic Four isn’t going softly into that good night and turns to fight an entire town of witches. You read that right and a big donnybrook with the whole town and the Fantastic Four is set to pop off! I’m excited to see how this fight goes and why the witches want Agatha. Fight! Fight! Fight!

The Fantastic Four and the Town of Witches start to brawl. The FF hold their own for a bit but the witches have a few tricks up their sleeves. They use their freaky, freaky witch powers to turn the FF’s cosmic powers against the Fantastic Four. The FF beat up themselves in a great scene drawn by George Perez. Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben find themselves at the mercy of Scratch. Tune in next week to see how the FF get out alive. Oh, don’t act so surprised. You know they make it, but find out HOW!

-Tash Moore


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