Saturday, August 9, 2014

Comics Rant: Uncanny X-Men #24

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Kris Anka

You wanna talk cliffhangers? Then go read Uncanny X-Men 23. Unless you hate life and don't want to, then that's cool too. She-Hulk arrived on the premises of the Jean Grey School for Gifted Youth after a nice big fight that out the X-Men against S.H.I.E.L.D., shocker. Anywho, she has with her the last will and testament of Charles Xavier. Only catch is, she can't read it unless everyone mentioned in it is present. That means Scott Summers. She needs the original X-Men here in order to read the will. Looks like Hank and Ororo will finally get to hunt down Scott like he deserves. Will they find him? Will they kill him?! Let's find out!

It's still very hard dealing with the death of Charles. For most of the staff at the school, he was a father when they had no one. A friend when they needed. And a mentor to all. We see this in Bobby, Iceman. He can barely sit and listen to this talk before storming out the window on a sheet of ice. Trying to get back to business, She-Hulk asks if they have any idea where Scott may be, and surprisingly, Beast knows exactly where he is. A bit of information that kind of pisses off Storm. His reasoning for never going out to find him actually make a bit of sense. He hates Scott so much, he doesn't want to even look at him. He doesn't want to confront him. I can get behind that actually but that's because I despise Cyclops and everything he's become. Yeah what else is new, Matt? To add bad news to bad news, Logan mentions that Scott more than likely now owns the Jean Grey School. A couple years ago when Wolverine was scared where some things in his life were headed, he signed the school back over to Chuck. Only logical thing he would've done is leave it to Scott, not knowing he'd be the one to kill him. They get the news from Hank that Scott has been building a school at the old Weapon X facility where Wolverine was basically "created" the team gets ready and heads off.

Meanwhile, in Newberry, South Carolina. We meet yet another new mutant. This man, named matthew Malloy, has the ability to completely obliterate his surroundings. Like most mutants who discover their gifts late, his activated when he's under extreme stress. As shown byhe massive hole he's standing in the middle of. Maria Hill contacts him through a super cool holo thing that S.H.I.E.L.D. Has cuse they're cool. And sends some more troops to calm him down and bring him in. And of course, he calms down and walks quietly. Yeah, ok. Said no comic book ever. He freaks and kills everyone. Whoops. At the same time, Beast and his X-Men arrive in Canada and quite calmly tell Scott to get his shit together and get outside. With some quick mind reading, Jean let's Scott know that Beast isn't lying and it's not a trap and in the calmest way possible, Hank let's Scott know he needs to come to New York, and they leave. I email would've sufficed if you were gonna make the trip for all of 35 seconds, but when you're the X-Men I guess it's different.

Back in New York, the bomb gets dropped super quickly. In the will, Professor X let's everyone know off the bat he's married to Raven Darkhölme. For those of you who don't know, that's Mystique. And for the mega casuals who only watch the movies (they have no influence on the books unless your name is Sam Wilson) that's Charlie's adopted sister. Moving on! Also in the envelope was a shi'ar device. Another hologram, this one is of Professor X himself. He tells his X-Men that now is the time to come clean with them and share his darkest secret. A new mission for them. A mission on handling the most powerful mutant in existence. And scene.

Another incredible ending to a great book. Bendis has been on the money with these X-Titles so far and it can only get better from here. I'm glad to see another artist that's not Bachalo on this book, because I'm tired of turning it diagonal to see his work. Also seeing more colors other than purple is nice too. I don't understand the whole original sin tie in though. I've been seeing that across many of the Marvel books this month, and I haven't read Original Sin. Partly because I don't care for the Watcher, and also those big event books have really blown lately. I'm totally looking at you Age of Ultron and Infinity. Great book all around, go get it if you haven't. Until next week!

-Matt Milanes

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