Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #130

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

Last issue left us on a huge cliffhanger. The new members of Rick's group have broken into the town prison and found Negan! but they found a very different Negan than the one we know. He acted scared, helpless, begging for assistance. Anything to get him out of that cell. Do they fall for it? And what will happen if they do fall for it since Rick isn't around? Ah shit.

We start off back in the basement and Negan is still pleading for help. Luckily for all innocents involved, they don't take the bait. Magna, the leader of the new group, has seen torture and what it does to a person. She doesn't see this in Negan so she picks up on his lie real quick. Thank god for that shit cuse it wouldn't have been pretty if he got out. They leave Negan to his thoughts in the basement and continue on looking through the house. The book then cuts to our new characters from the last issue. The brothers who were abandoned by their horse and left for dead. Almost literally since one of them is severely hurt. It's now raining hard and the toe brothers end up on a trench type of thing with walkers hot on their tails! As they lay in the mud hoping not to be sniffed out by the passing walkers, they hear some whispering asking where they went. Could this be some hunters trailing the walkers...or maybe even the dead themselves?

Morning strikes and Rick and Carl finally make it to the Hilltop. They're greeted by Maggie, who takes Rick off on a walk as Carl rushes to meet Hershel, hers and Glen's baby. R.I.P. Glen. And if you didn't know that happened and are still reading, it's your own damn fault! Rick confides in Maggie that he's actually completely terrified to leave Carl at the Hilltop where he can't keep a constant eye on his son. Carl is everything Rick's had since the beginning of the breakout and it's gotta be a big deal to be able to let him go off and start life on his own. The moment however is cut short when some fans of the famous Rick Grimes but rush him like he's a god. Asking him to meet their friends and loved ones. He's instilled so much hope in them. It's like a scene out of the Matrix Reloaded when Neo gets back to Zion and tries to get some hanky panky in the elevator but a bunch of homeless people wanna talk to him. Yeah, just like that. The day isn't so full of smiles for everyone however. Carl heads over to where he'll be apprenticing at only to find his blacksmith friend has an apprentice already. Does this mean Carl won't be able to work, or will he have to compete now? What I'm thinking is this may wake up something inside Carl. So,etching we haven't seen in a good long while. A while like when he killed that twin. Again, if you don't know what happens and are reading *smacks your hand* bad readers!

Carl goes off to find his father but it's all cut short when some townsfolk bring in a newcomer who's been hurt real bad. He slips by the crowd and follows them as they bring the man into a house. It was the man from earlier, one of the brothers! They found him alone, he claims to have left his brother Ken in a barn and feels guilty for leaving him to die. He mentions those whispers from before and claims it was the dead. He says they were talking.

Talk about another cliffhanger. Alright Kirkman, looks like you're breaking out of that comfortable phase with this book. The meat on the inside isn't as boring and filling either, it's actually pushing the story forward. Adding new elements to characters while introducing new ones. This is how you wrote a damn comic book. Let's see how long Kirk-ster can keep it up in the next coming months. Until next month!

-Matt Milanes

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