Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Batman #34

Story By Scott Snyder & Gerry Duggan
Written By Gerry Duggan
Drawn By Matteo Scalera
Colors By Lee Loughridge

Hey there, Verbal Moshers. Tash Moore here with his pick of the week and if you can’t tell from the damn header it’s Batman #34. Ah, Batman. I could not even begin to tell you how many days I’d lounge around the house and spend reading this book. Batman will always be my second favorite hero. Next to the web swinger, of course. When Batman moved into the late 1990’s he kind of lost his edge and kind of just faded into the DC mix of crossover and bull shit. When Doug Moench left, I felt like something vaudevillian was lost for sometime.

Hell, even now you have Batman facing the bad guy of the month and a strange 6-8 month rotation. (Thanks Modern Comics.)
It’s like He-Man. Bad Guy shows up and Batman wins. All while defending castle greyskull. Wait, no, that isn’t right. This Batman story is something that feels like it was pulled totally out of the classic 1980’s. And just so Scott Snyder can get his monthly check he also helped with the “plot” for this issue. But most of the story is done by Gerry Duggan, whom I’ve come to enjoy from his work over on Marvel’s HULK title.

So why was this issue so much fun? Why it’s got Batman out in the night looking to stop a serial killer. A far cry from the Court of Owls and fucking Riddler doing “No Man’s Land 2” on us. Duggan writes a tale of how Batman has been so caught up with the big league stuff that a serial killer is offing people and thinks he can’t be caught because he’s too much of a small fry for Bats to care about catching him. Well Batman is back and he can’t take a killer running loose in his city.

The Killer is killing people that are patients of Dr. Thompkins, who if you don’t know along with Alfred helped raise Bruce Wayne. (Gotham TV show on FOX  FTW!!)  The killer isn’t happy that Dr. Thompkins is helping people and he want’s them to die. Batman is slow finding the killer so he just uses his James Bond mask to disguise himself as Dr. Thompkins. When the killer, who goes by the name The Meek, attacks only to find Batman and get his ass kicked. Great stuff.  Batman explains that The Meek just can’t stand the idea of Dr. Thompkins doing something just to be kind and wants to kill her and all the people she’s trying to save.

I don’t want to spoil the ending. So go out there and spend the $3.99 to see how the ending went down. I’ll admit it was fun and creative. Quick DC, sign this Duggan dude to a deal. You can shell out good money for Grant Morrison to write Superman wearing Jeans and a T-Shirt, surely you can fork over some cash for this guy. He’s pretty good. Nice fill in art by Matteo Scalera. It’s not cartoony like Greg Capullo nor flashy like the Detective Comics team, but it works really well with the story as a whole. It had a very creepy atmosphere to it. Dynamite stuff.

-Tash Moore

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