Saturday, September 13, 2014

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #187

Fantastic Four #187
Written By Len Wein
Pencils By George Perez
Inks By Joe Sinnott
Colors By Glynis Wein

Hey there gang, Tash Moore here with more action in the mighty Marvel manner. And by that I mean one awesome story from the Bronze Age of comics with Fantastic Four #187. I think before that I'll let you guys know that back in this day and age the Fantastic Four was one of Marvel’s Premier titles. (You can’t tell that now a days, but hey, you can’t have everything.) If you wanted to pen the book, you totally needed to bring your a-game or have your head shoved up your ass by Marvel Editor in Chief, Jim Shooter. Yup. So now that’s out of the way, let get on to the rant, shall we?

This issue starts with the FF coming back from rescuing little Franklin and Agatha Harnkess from the secret town of New Salem, which is a town of Witches. (Don’t ask.)
Once the FF and their Pogo plane get back to the Baxter Building they get into a brawl with Klaw the Master of Sound. Gezz, with a name like that you’d think he’d be a bit more quite when attacking his opponents, instead of you know, making tons of noise and giving up any advantages he’d have in a fight. But hey, what do I know? Clearly Klaw has this bad guy thing down to a science. A simple science? Not so much.

A key point to all this is that Impy, the Impossible Man from another dimension, is crashing at the Baxter Building. To do what you might ask? Why to lean about us humans from doing what we all like to do every once in awhile. Watch TV. Hey, it makes sense to me. If you want to know what Impy looks like just think of the little green man that all those assholes who swear that they’ve been abducted by aliens say anal probed them. Clearly Stan Lee was taking acid when he dreamt this guy up. Clearly.

Impy gets taken down by Klaw. The thought of Klaw sitting on the couch watching MASH waiting for the Fantastic Four to get home is instantly amusing to me. Heh. So Klaw and the FF fight and then the Molecule Man (a Thor villain) shows up. He’s tag teaming with Klaw to fight the FF. But Len Wein also takes time to fill in the blanks as to why Klaw and Molecule Man are teaming up. After a fight with Iron Man, Molecule Man had his molecules entered into a wand that holds his essence. (Not the magazine.) Klaw found it after a battle with Ka-Zar (Remember that guy?) Klaw finds the wand and helps Molecule Man find a new host body in a punch drunk boxer. Needing Mr. Fantastic’s Psi-Amp, Molecule Man wants to make his takeover of the boxer permanently. Okay, caught up to speed? Good.

Molecule Man and Klaw make a pretty good team. MM uses his powers to turn Jonny Storm's flame into water and turn the Thing into glass. Sue and Reed are knocked down for the count but Impy makes the save and starts fighting, too! Impy’s pretty upset that he got sucker punched and missed “Happy Days”! I know how he feels. Once my brother made me miss an episode of Darkwing Duck. We haven’t spoken since 1999. >Sniff<

Klaw and Molecule Man prove to be too much and they double team Impy knocking him silly soon as well. While Impy fought the bad guys Reed takes the time to reverse his Psi-Amp and the backlash takes Molecule Man out of his host body and knocks both he an Klaw out. But the best part is the ending. Reed thinking he’s won, and just pretty much needs to clean up the mess, grabs the wand of Molecule Man. (So much for being one of the smartest men in the Marvel U.) Reed then turns into the Molecule Man!!!!!! Holy crap, I didn’t see that coming. Great plot twist and a good way to add more action and drama. Which is what a Marvel comic should be. Not a bunch of dudes talking around a table for 22 pages. Amirite? Ok, I’ll be back with the Evil Reed story in a few days. Be good.

-Tash Moore


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