Thursday, September 25, 2014

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #190

Fantastic Four #190
Written By Marv Wolfman
Pencils By Sal Buscema
Inks By Tony Dezuniga
Colors By Glynis Wein

It’s a flashback! And by Flashback I don’t mean that really crappy final episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Riker got bit by that space snake( A space snake?!?) and they had a shitty recap show. No, this is the issue where the Fantastic Four break up for good! (Suuuure, they did.) Well, that’s what went down in the last ish. Tash Moore here and I’m gonna give you the skinny with this Bronze Age rant for Marvel’s First Family, the Fantastic Four.

So The Thing is hanging around with Alicia Masters and it’s The Things Lament. Oh wow is he. Reed has broken up the FF because he lost his stretching powers. Seeing as how he was taken over by the Molecule Man last month he doesn’t want to risk anyone’s life, (he didn’t think of that when he risked everyone of his girl and friends into comic rays and screwed up their lives?) The Thing is talking to Alicia about how the team got started way back in Fantastic Four #1. Sneaking into space to beat the Russians and they get hit by cosmic rays and lo’ heroes are born!

Okay, okay I’ll be honest, this WAY a recap like Star Trek TNG. But unlike that show this totally didn’t suck. The whole this is Ben Grimm giving the rundown of the Fantastic Fours history to the time when Dr. Doom sent them back in time to steal Black Beards treasure and Doom shooting the Baxter Building into space. (Don’t ask.) From the time Ben Grimm was taken by Aliens and made into a slave right up to when Johnny Storm found Namor walking around the Village as a wondering hobo.  They even make light of the time the Fantastic Four broke up because Sue Storm was pregnant . Ben even says that this time is different, cuz the FF is done!

I didn’t mind that this issue was a bit slow. I fell like sometimes in modern comics there is no period where everything just cools for a bit. Plus major props because Sal Buscema drew this issue and I was a big fan of his work on Spectacular Spider-Man back in the 1990’s.  Tony Dezungia also doesn’t get enough credit for his awesome inking here or just in general in the industry.  Next up we get the first part to this semi-modern break up of the Fantastic Four. It’ll be interesting to see Ben Grimm try to collect unemployment. It’ll be great. And awkward. So that’s it, I’ll be back soon with some nonsense to take your mind off just why ever damn book in the industry won’t even see triple digits again.

-Tash Moore

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