Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Comics Rant: Uncanny X-Men #25

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: Chris Bachalo

We're still recovering from the first part of Charles Xavier's hologram last will and testament. He's married to Mystique, no one knows if he's got any kids. But now there's more. He tells a story about one of the early days of the X-Men. The team was out on a mission when Xavier hits cerebro and finds the largest mutant power signature he'd ever seen. He couldn't wait for the team in fear of that power falling into the hands of evil. He had to act himself. He goes the source to find a small boy outside of a best up old house. He's playing with dinosaur toys and won't talk to Charles, the boy knows better than to talk to strangers. He begins play fighting with his toys when two destructive forces appear and fight each other on his front yard. Pieces of the home, trees, everything gets shaken and then disappears in an instant. Even Xavier couldn't shut the boys mind down. His name is Matthew Malloy and he can produce creatures from dimensions not of his own. The hologram is paused, as Scott needs a breather to himself before they can continue. I think it's really starting to sit in with him everything that has happened over two years ago.

Everyone regroups and the video continues. The child was too young to control his powers on his own, but he wouldn't let Xavier in to help. There was one option left, Xavier takes the role of a young boy. At least he seems like it to the mind of Matthew. He befriends the boy and convinces him to tell him about some things. His powers and his parents. Matthew doesn't want to hurt anyone, and Charles makes sure that doesn't happen. He sets up mind blocks that prevented Matthew from accessing his powers. He basically took his mutant ability away from him. From there, Charles helped put Matthew in a foster home and watched over him from afar for years. He would visit him regularly as the young boy Charlie, and always keep tabs through cerebro. The video is cut short when Scott calls Charles a god damn hypocrite. As if I couldn't despise Scott Summers any more than I already do. After some bickering, the video continues.

One day, Charlie came to visit Matthew and Matthew was able to see through Charlie, asking who he really is. Xavier reveals himself and tells Matthew about his powers. He asks the professor to kill him, as that's the only way to fully rid him of these powers, something Charles is not willing to do. He put on more powerful psychic blocks and was still keeping tabs on Matthew to this day. His last wish was that Scott and Logan put together a small team and keep watch over Matthew. The video ends and there's silence in the room. Hope Matthew is easy to find. Remember that mutant from the last issue killing S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents? Yeah, him. Keep tuned to see what the X-Men do with him. Until next week.

Matt Milanes

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