Friday, September 19, 2014

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #131

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

The crew on the Hilltop are trying to calm down Marco as he just revealed to them he heard the dead whispering things. He and his brother Ken both heard voices and are sure they came from the dead. Ken however, was left out in a barn west of where Marco was found. Maggie goes to set up a search team as Rick and Carl go about their business so not to get in her way. Carl, while out looking for a man named Alex to deliver a letter from Jesus, finds Sophia playing vigilante. She's helping stop these two bullies from beating up this kid, the two then head off to find Alex. Maggie finds one of her more trusted men, Dante and tasks him with going out to find Ken.

The Hilltop is doing great when it comes to moving forward. They have a big feast three times a week which allows the townsfolk to get together and really get to know each other. The day gets even better when Carl finds out that there isn't only one spot open for an apprenticeship for the town blacksmith. He's gonna be starting the very next day! All seems to be going well for everyone, wonder how that search is going.

The team of three men and three horses aimlessly walk passed where patrols go in search of Ken. They've searched multiple barns in hopes to find the man. The search brings them to one more barn where they find Marco's hat! This must be where Ken was left! But soon enough they hear some noises which turn out to be a bunch of walkers. Back at the Hilltop Sophia sees Carl moving in and you see a little twinkle in her expression. I smell some hot 14 year old love making soon!!! Oh god that's disgusting. Meanwhile, Rick and Maggie reflect on how much better things have gotten since the whole war with Negan. Everything is really going great.

Over at Alexandria, Andrea comes home from a day out giving some advice to Eugene. She steps in her home and is immediately bum rushed by the newcomers. They have some questions, and they want some answers. This closes out another issue of The Walking Dead. A bit more of a slow paced issue, but a good one nonetheless. Unlike some of the other filler issues from All Out War, this filler issue moved some major plot points foreward. It also raises some questions, which is what every comic book should do in order to ensure you get the next issue. Is Ken dead? Do these new comers believe Negan? What's gonna happen with Andrea? You'll have to sit patiently for a month to find out!

Matt Milanes

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