Friday, September 5, 2014

Reboots and Relaunches September 2014

Hey there gang, Tash Moore here and I know that I haven't been really updating this part of the site and I promise I will. But with a twist. Starting from here on out Reboots and Relaunches will be going Bi-monthly. Oh, don’t give me that look. It’s so I can spend more time writing my reviews and NOT because I’m super lazy or anything like that. Nope. Nothing to do with me being lazy at all. Also a good thing that this is going Bi-Monthly is I can get more “News” into this post and have tons of more ranting to give to you, the reader(s). Hey, if Moon Knight could get over being once every other month, then surely I could get away with it. (Finger’s Crossed!) So on to the news.

So back at Comic Con 2014 a teaser trailer was shown from Superman V. Batman: Dawn of Justice. So what’ve I’ve seen that’s been thrown on the Internet is that Ben Affleck Batman is looking up at Superman and his eyes are red! Meh. Didn’t really make me want to jump out of my seat and send a blank check to the folks over at the WB. I’ve got the feeling that somehow DC and the WB is going to fuck this up. They will find a way to make easy money and make us all put our cash away and just wait for the next Marvel film to come out. Also Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was shown. Wow, her outfit looks like a fucking reject get up that Xena would wear. Plus I heard that she isn’t even going to be a HUGE part of the film. Wonder Woman is going to be nothing more than a Cameo.
It might be better to I don’t know, not tell anyone!!!!! DC needs to follow some steps from Marvel and hold off giving away the goods. It’ll leave people wanting more and create a buzz.

-Mad Max Fury Road is a rolling!
The News on out is that we get a new Mad Max with Tom Hardy. I really hope they spend the money to make sure we can all just understand what the hell is being said in this film. I mean I love Mad Max just as much as the next guy, but I mean come on. Have you seen the original version of the film? I’m not saying that’s it’s a bad film……but boy is it a bad film. The only time you get any real action is when Mel Gibson sees some Jews at the end of the film and goes crazy. (No Jews, he takes down some jerk asses, but admit it, that would be pretty funny. It sure would mirror real life.) This new Mad Max needs clear AMERICAN dialogue and stuff blowing up and gas. That’s right, tons of people looking for gas. That’ll be a lot of fun, you watch. So for this new movie I have high hopes that something will be blown up! Finger’s crossed.

- Guardians of the Galaxy with Nova Prime W/ Veto Power
I sat down and saw Guardians of the Galaxy and I must admit, I enjoyed it. Normally when I go see a movie I get a cramp in my leg or something happens that takes me out of the film, but that didn’t happen this time around. Hats off to director James Gunn for making a pretty damn good film. Even more props to him for doing it with non mainstream Marvel Characters. Oh and good job by Vin Diesel. This guy showed as much acting chops as Nic Cage as Fu Man Chu in Werewolf Women of the S.S. Oh I kid. But it was a fun film but one thing did stand out to me. The Nova Corps (Which is pretty much Marvel’s answer to the Green Lantern Corps.) has a fully elected leader in Nova Prime played by Glen Close. I really can’t say why but I really liked this idea. It makes the Nova Corp seem like a real peacekeeping force unlike those dumb ass Guardians of the Universe over at DC. These guys are pretty much unelected jerks who keep secrets and screw things up worse than letting David Finch when he tries to write/draw a monthly book. Crash and Burn, crash and burn! (It’s all he knows.) Meh, this is what DC needs. Elected officials. Okay, I can tell that I’ve gone too far. Just to stress the point home, elected officials are good. Big Blue headed dudes who don’t need to sit……..they bad.

 -Shitty TV from Fall NBC

While waiting for Football to return I can’t help but notice tons of new shows heading to the Fall Lineup. Some look pretty good and I’d spend some time on my ass checking them out while some look like the total drizzling shits. Let’s take a look at some of these shows huh?

This show looks really good. Fox has done a bang up job getting the word out to the masses and it seems to be creating a positive buzz. I’m thinking to myself : “This is pretty much a young Jim Gordon trying to keep Gotham City from plunging into total hell. How could they screw this up?” Odds are that it’s pretty much 50/50  I hope this show doesn’t end up with what I like to call Smallville Syndrome. That’s when a show has a great first season then right after that the Network fucks it all up and then we get "treated" a bunch of seasons that would make Superman himself get into that Chamber from Superman 2 and lose all his powers just so he could go get hit by a damn mack track so he wouldn’t have to watch one more episode of whatever shit the CW or WB or whatever the hell they call themselves now are putting out.


Hey, guess what? My grandmother is a big fan of Hellblazer. She read the comic and I know that if she was still with us she’d tune into this show. If only to swoon over our boy JC. So help me god this better be good or in her memory I’ll throw my walking stick at the TV. So I expect spells, demons, trench coats and smokes. I think this show will do fine so long as NBC doesn’t go the damn PG route. Hellblazer used to be the cutting edge when it came to horror and plain good old fashion storytelling. Granted, the story was about a dude who pulls one over on the devil. That needs to be the standard for this program.

-Bad Judge
I really just wanted to bitch about this show 'cause man does it have cancelled written all over it. Okay, so get this. It’s about a Judge who is crazy and is a bad person. Holy shit, that sounds like another TV show over on CBS…..but it’s also about a bad person who just happens to be a wait for it……….teacher. Holy shit folks, I could not make this up if I wanted to. (Lord knows I’d try.) But man, this show just seems shameless. I mean I know I could have spoken about the new Flash or Daredevil show, but hey it’s my sire and I really wanted to shit on this. Five bucks says that this show get the ax halfway into it’s first ( and only) season.

Okay guys and girls, that’s it. I’ll slide out of my bed in another two months and write my rants about comics, movie and anything else I can think of. Hey, I gotta fill this site up somehow. Cheap jokes seem to be it. Be good.

-Tash Moore

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