Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Captain America #24

Tash’s Pick of the Week: Captain America #24
Written By Rick Remender
Pencils By Carlos Pacheco & Paul Renaud
Inks By Mariano Taibo & Paul Renaud
Colors By Dean White & Sonia Oback

Hey there, gang. Tash Moore here and I’m bringing you my pick of the week as only I can. Which most likely means it’s late. Hey, what can I say? It’s just my style. And by late I really mean that I’ve been spending a great deal of time watching football. But that’s neither here nor there so lets talk about Captain America #24.  I really dig this book for some reason. I think that it might be because it’s so god damn goofy. But in a serious way. I mean, the book started with Cap living in another Dimension (Z) for ten years with a child he had stolen from Armin Zola. He had two you see. A boy and a girl. The boy was taken and raised by Cap and the girl (Jett) was raised by her dear ol’ dad and what all evil and stuff.

Flash forward to a decade later, Captain America gets rescued by Sharon Carter and Cap makes it it back to our Earth. You know, minus Sharon and his son that he stole from Zola named Ian. Then Cap came back and fought some angry Asian dude, the Iron Nail. How dare he not be American and have his own customs! Ahem. So Cap has his Super Solider formula taken out of him and now he’s just an old man! Gasp! Now that you’ve been brought up to speed I can get into my rant. Away we go.

Zola and his minions are taking it to New York City. So every hero is taking the fight to them. Ian is back as a bad ass dude in a giant suit. Kind of like Iron Man, but you know, without the money and book that just seems to get shitty with every passing writer that jumps on board. Hey, it’s true. So the heroes are fighting the monsters and Falcon and Jett (who are somewhat of an item) go right to fight Zola. Hey, Sharon Carter is still alive. Too bad, Cap is old. I don’t see them lasting past this crisis. Quick, someone call Oprah! Also, a nursing home for Captain America.

So Zola tries to lure Jett back to his fold. By doing what, you might ask? By simply talking to her. Wow, I’ll admit that is a bit out of the usual for a modern comic book, but I like the touch. But it’s no dice. Jett likes Falcon (Atlanta?) and likes the planet Earth. So she’s staying put with the good guys. So Zola just kind of washes his hands of her and Ian. I’ll admit his plan is really cool. He lures all the Marvel Heroes in NYC to the big battle in Central Park and then just drops a huge bomb on all of them. You know, it’s so damn out there, I’ll never know why no other writer has come up with this plan before.

So the bomb is in place and it’s set to kill all the good guys. Ian and Sharon can’t do anything but warn Captain America. He gets word to Falcon and he goes off to grab the bomb and get it high up into the sky where it’ll do less damage and you know, not kill over Spider-Man. Hey, he is Marvel’s top $$$. Minus that crappy Amazing Spider-Man 2. ( I blame Sony, btw) Falcon gets the bomb and starts flying to the sky. The bomb goes boom and we don’t know if Falcon makes it or not. I bet he does. If he doesn’t, how in the world is he going to be the New Captain America down the road. Spoilers!!! You knew it. Okay, so that’s it, Cap was a fun read and Carlos Pacheco’s art pops from the page. I mean I like his stuff from the early 2000’s but hey, everything can’t stay the same. My thumb… is up!

-Tash Moore

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