Thursday, October 30, 2014

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #193

Fantastic Four #193
Plotted by Len Wein & Keith Pollard
Written by Bill Mantlo
Pencils by Keith Pollard
Inks by Joe Sinnott
Colors by Mouly & Cohen

It’s a tale of the Death Demon. Hey, it’s really the only demon there is. Am I right? Only Doom knows for sure. And trust us, he ain’t saying. So this issue continues with the whole Fantastic Four broke up but we are going to bring them back as a team at some point but can take this time to do off beat stories to keep it fresh. You’d think Marvel would do that now, seeing as how Fox holds the film rights. But they’d rather be petty and just cancel the book outright. Good thing the goobers in charge now weren’t in control back in the Bronze Age. Marvel’s books would cost $0.99 instead of $0.35 and they’d all be written by a new born Bendis.

So in issue #194, we checked up on the Human Torch and his time spent in the American Mid-West and racing cars. How the hell does that even pay the bills? Only Wingfoot Wyatt truly knows. This time we get down with The Thing. He’s no longer a big time hero in a big time diaper.

The Verbal Mosh Episode 287

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Superman #35 and Amazing Spider-Man #8 are the books we talk about on this week's episode of The Verbal Mosh, comic book podcast. We, also, go over the Flash and Gotham t.v. shows.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Comics Rant: Daredevil #165

Written by: Roger McKenzie
Art by: Frank Miller
            Another night on the town known as Hell’s Kitchen for the Daredevil. An informant ruined some plans for him and Black Widow, but everyone knows what they say about that thing “Crime fighting before hoes.” That’s what they say, ain’t it? Anywho, the Devil hits a pool hall, and hits some of the thugs inside of it in order to get some information out of them. One of the lackys gets away and runs back to his bosses. Daredevil stays behind to fight off the rest of the thugs and Pike, the thug that got away thinks he’s not being tailed. Little does he know, Daredevil has eyes all over the city, regardless of having no use for his own. He follows the crook to his bosses who happen to be tied up in smuggling adamantium through a trusted manufacturer. Heather Glenn, daughter of a man who Matt Murdock wrongfully put in jail, is the one being used by these cronies to smuggle their metal. They’re tainting her name and she doesn’t even know it. When Daredevil shows us, she goes into a frozen shock and with Daredevil not being to prove anything about their smuggling, he has to leave without a single bust.
            The lack of crime stopping is getting to Matt, its even taking its toll on him at work. He can’t seem to keep a clear head and to make things worse, Heather gets kidnapped by Doctor Octopus while doing some investigating of her own! When Matt gets word of Heather not showing up to a date with a mutual friend, he gets awfully suspicious and decides to go take a look.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #132

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard 
            So Andrea has been cornered by Magna and her group back at her house. They’ve found Negan, didn’t buy his story, but have some questions about the goings on at Alexandria. Before the questioning begins, Andrea lets it be known, if she’s hurt, not one of them is leaving Alexandria alive. That line alone gave me chills and we haven’t even turned to page 2 yet! To build on that tension, the next pages aren’t even at Alexandria, they’re back on The Hilltop focusing on Rick and Maggie again. Carl has finally met up with them after hanging with Sophia for a bit and they’ve experienced their first moment of boredom in the new, post-apocalyptic world…and its beautiful. Little does Rick know,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Hulk #7

Hulk #7
Written By Dangerous Gerry Duggan
Pencils By Maniacal Mark Bagley
Inks By Dastardly Drew Hennessy
Colors By Jabbin’ Jason Keith

Well, this was a fun and interesting issue of Hulk. Gerry Duggan has done a pretty good job of taking the Hulk, who we all know is pretty much just a pair of purple shorts punching things, and Duggan has turned Hulk upside down with Hulk’s new story and persona. Hulk is now Doc Greenskin. Heaven help you if you call him Hulk. He doesn’t want to be called Hulk which is pretty funny. Just putting it out there. So Doc Greenskin is going around curing people who are Gamma powered.

Doc Greenskin’s goal is to rid the world of Gamma powered

The Verbal Mosh Episode 286

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Batman and Robin #35, Spider-Man 2099 #5 and Daredevil #9 are the books we talk about on this week's episode, plus we talk more about The Flash and Gotham tv shows. So tune in at this link right here or hey, you can listen for Free as well on our Facebook page.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Thief of Thieves #24

Thief of Thieves #24
written by Andy Diggle
art by Shawn Martinbrough

Thief of Thieves has been such a strong story with the way it progresses it's characters and plot. Redmond is working his way closer and closer to Lola which is very exciting considering how dangerous Lola is, and it'll be even more exciting to see if Redmond can really stand up against him, not only in wits and cunning, but in power, too. I think he can, but one can never be too sure. First, Redmond needs to take care of the rat that betrayed him that led to the demise of his wife and son.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #192

Fantastic Four #192
Plot By Len Wein
Script By Roger Slifer
Pencils By George Perez
Inks By Joe Sinnott
Colors By Glynis Wein

Now that the spectacle and the crowds of New York Comic Con is over, I can now get back to what I do best(Worst?). Review Bronze Age Marvel Comics. I’d do some DC stuff but it’s mostly the drizzling shits from that era. No wonder so many people wanted to make theirs (Mine?) Marvel. It’s some of the best stuff that Marvel was putting out. I feel that DC may have had the better artist, but Marvel had way better storytellers. You know it’s true. So anyway, I’m just gonna jump into my rant for Fantastic Four #192.

So the Fantastic Four have broken up. People are sad. Reed Richards is said to be taking pills to cope. But hey, screw him. It was the loss of his stretching power that made him make up his mind and disband the FF. For one of the smartest guys on the planet, Reed does seem to be pretty short sighted. I bet he didn’t foresee Marvel cancelling the Fantastic Four by Marvel forty years later just because Marvel wanted to stick it thumb in Fox’s studios eyes. But that’s for another post.

So when super teams break up, what do you do? Why, go your own way and try to make it on your own as an individual.  So get used to a few rants that have Marvel’s first family broken up and having separate adventures before just say “Screw it.” and getting back together. This issue has the Human Torch going to the Midwest to take his mind off the FF breaking up and hanging with his best (and only) friend, Wyatt Wingfoot. Oh, and to partake in a car race.

Yup, folks. Guy who can start a fire in his sleep is driving in a circle with car that have fuel that can go up in any minute. Smart. That’s just the place where I’d like to hangout. Hell, bring the whole family. Which the whole damn town ends up doing. So Johnny goes into the race tried for the win with a girl he keeps flirting with. But in common Marvel Magazine fashion a bad guy shows up to capture Johnny Storm. The bad guy in question is the Texas Twister, who was last seen in  the Fantastic Four mag with the Frightful Four.

So this ends with Twister uhmm Twisting. Then the Human Torch um, Spin Torches around the Texas Twister and sends him flying. When all the people from the town and race show up and Texas Twister takes his Texas drawl and gets out of dodge. Wait, if you’re the bad guy with tons of power and no regard for innocent people, why’d you run? Texas Twister seems a little slow on the uptake if you ask me. But you didn’t. But hey, you’re reading my rant, so screw you. Anyway, Johnny stays on in the town and then we get a small clip of next issue where The Thing is trying to file his taxes. Sounds like fun. So come back next week, for The Thing trying to pick up that goofy ass yellow #2 pencil. It’ll be….something.

-Tash Moore

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Verbal Mosh Episode 285

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This week on The Verbal Mosh, we discuss Batman #35, Batgirl #35, Amazing Spider-Man #7, and Miracleman #12. So tune in to this weeks newest episode right here or if you're lazy like me, check it out on our Facebook page.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Matt looks @ New York Comic Con 2014: Sunday

Here we are at the final day of New York Comic Con. What a day its been. We start off the day at the Bandai booth where the line for tickets for Power Ranger toys is already wrapping around the booth. Right after that, its back to the show floor. Today I really tried to get that middle area in between the big gun company booths and the small guys on the lower number isle end. Let me tell you, that is by far the best place to hang out. I met so many cool people who came to get their name out in the world. Artists, writers, painters, vendors, even some celebrities that

Matt looks@ New York Comic Con 2014: Saturday

  This one in the big day. This is the day that always sells out the quickest, the one everyone wants to go to most. Having that said, its obviously the day with the most people. The day started out early with the Logan Legacy panel at 11 am. This was a really cool look with an all star panel on how the death of beloved character Wolverine was going to affect the Marvel Universe and all the characters that hold him as a dear friend. Boy, let me tell you this is going to shake things up. First off, there's tons of books spinning out of the Death of Wolverine. Can you say $$$$$$? First off was a book called The Weapon X Program.

Monday, October 13, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014 Review

It's been another year for me attending New York Comic Con, held over at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City. This review comes a bit later than usual, but I still wanted to share my thoughts on the matter. I want to say that my experience this year has had it's improvements compared to New York Comic Con 2013, though I still find some things lacking. One thing that doesn't lack is the number of cosplayers. Each year, they seem to grow in number. It's cool that the fans feel so favorably about characters enough to dress up like them. It's not my own personal cup of tea (though admittedly I did dress up one time many years ago), but if a person spends the countless hours putting together a costume, I would commend them... More so when the weather is cold outside. A lot of those costumes are so skimpy and flimsy looking with the materials. The good thing for everyone this year was that the weather was fairly warm. It makes a difference not having to stand outside in the cold too long before getting inside the convention center.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014 Day 3

With another day in the book for the 2014 New York Comic Con, there were a few takeaways.  Once gripe that gets to me is that the folks stress that you enter at the correct spot. They seemed to have this worked out really well for Thursday, but Friday and Saturday they just said “Fuck it!” and stopped caring. But hey, what can you really do? What would be really cool is if someone took it upon themselves to police the con a la Punisher. Frank Miller style, on second thought this is a bad idea.

New York Comic Con 2014 Day 2

What a day. What. A. Day. The day kicked off with the Kevin Smith Comic Book Men panel and what a good time that was. As per usual, Kevin Smith comes out stoned as HELL and brings out his workers at his comic book shop in Red Bank, New Jersey. The men are: Walt Flannigan, Bryan Johnson, Michael Zapzik, and everyone's favorite: Ming Chen. Naturally, the majority of the questions of the Q&A went to Kevin about things like film school, how to make it big and Clerks 3, but the cool thing about this years panel was people actually asked questions to the Comic Book Men about the tv show. The crowd was great, the environment was great, the panel was great. We learned Kev has a trilogy of Canadian Horror flicks and then we finally get Clerks 3. If there's anyone out there more inspirational than Kevin Smith

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014 Day 1

Hey there folks. Tash Moore here with the skinny from my first day of New York Comic Con 2014. Luckily I remembered to wear some comfortable shoes, because I tell you, even with the carpeted floor the ground of the Javits Center is hard as old 1900’s nails. Just no give to them. To be honest, I only had about three panels that I really want to go to. But in the end I said screw it, I’m hungry and went off and got something to eat. Those who truly know me, knows that this is not a new thing. So yeah, as I get older food is greater than comics. So yeah, I pretty much missed the “20 Years of the Crow” panel. I got a feeling that panel would be good, but hey, that ain’t gonna feed a hungry man!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Comics Rant: Invincible #114

Invincible #114
Written Bu Robert Kirkman
Penciled By Ryan Ottley
Inks By Cliff Rathburn
Colors By John Rauch

Hello once again comic book fans. Tash Moore here and in an attempt to show I’m not as lazy as Marvel editorial, I’ve got a new rant in the form of one of my former favorite comics. Image Comic’s Invincible. Or also known as the other book that Kirkman writes that ain’t got no zombies. You know, the super hero book that hipster or noobs can’t seem to get with. And hey, fuck them. Ahem, Invincible would be super awesome. But when the book is so damn late that Warren Ellis can’t recall what’s going on, that creates a problem. So yeah, C’mon Kirkman,

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Comics Rant: Chew #43

Chew #43
Written By John Layman
Drawn & Colored By Rob Guillory

 Original Image Comic fans unite. All three of you. Aw, I kid. I know nobody out there is still reading Savage Dragon and Spawn. And hell, if there is, I’m pretty sure that those people are stuck in a fucking time warp. It’s a place where Rob Liefeld draws feet, Todd McFarlane delivers a book on time and Marc Silvestri does more than just “Pencil Assist”. Whatever the hell that is. The only positive thing that Image puts out now that ain’t The Walking Dead or Invincible is John Layman and Rob Guillory’s CHEW. It’s the timeless story of an Asian dude that can take a bite of people and see what they see and know what they know. Think KUNG FU,

Monday, October 6, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Detective Comics #35

Tash’s Pick of the Week: Detective Comics #35
Written By Benjamin Percy
Drawn By John Paul Leon
Colored By Dave Stewart

Hey there folks, Tash Moore coming at you with my pick of the week. Now, those of you who really know me (one person) knows that there are two heroes that I can’t help but read. Marvel’s Spider-Man and Batman from DC. What can I say? IF I started reading it in 1994, it’s pretty much stuck with me all this time. Pretty much like taking a bath or refusing to pay my taxes. Hey, it’s science. You can’t fight it. Ahem. All jokes about tax evasion aside, (Snipes!) I went with Detective Comics #35 as my pick of the week because it’s no doubt a modern comic, but it has classic sensibilities. In part, it feels like a Batman comic I’d read as a kid.

The Verbal Mosh Episode 284

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Wonder Woman #34, Silver Surfer #6, Green Lantern #35, Captain America #25, Thor #1, Moon Knight #8, Miracleman #11, Tiny Titans Return to the Treehouse #5, and Spider-Man 2099 #4.
Those are the books discussed in this week's episode of the comic book podcast, The Verbal Mosh.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #191

Fantastic Four #191
Written By Len Wein
Pencils By George Perez
Inks By Joe Sinnott
Colors By Glynis Wein

Tash Moore here, as myself and all the other Verbal Moshers get ready to prep for New York Comic Con, I decided to hammer out another Fantastic Four rant. Hey, I am just sitting around drinking coffee. Might as well be productive. In a tale titled “Four No More” from the regular creative team of Len Wein and George Perez, we get the break up of the FF. This tale did bring a tear to my eye. It was done in a very soap opera fashion, BUT and I do say BUT, the ham was kept to a minimum. Wein and Perez crafted a tale that many modern age teams should look at at how to go about with a story.