Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Comics Rant: Chew #43

Chew #43
Written By John Layman
Drawn & Colored By Rob Guillory

 Original Image Comic fans unite. All three of you. Aw, I kid. I know nobody out there is still reading Savage Dragon and Spawn. And hell, if there is, I’m pretty sure that those people are stuck in a fucking time warp. It’s a place where Rob Liefeld draws feet, Todd McFarlane delivers a book on time and Marc Silvestri does more than just “Pencil Assist”. Whatever the hell that is. The only positive thing that Image puts out now that ain’t The Walking Dead or Invincible is John Layman and Rob Guillory’s CHEW. It’s the timeless story of an Asian dude that can take a bite of people and see what they see and know what they know. Think KUNG FU,
but you know, with more eating. And you know, less standing around and totally doing nothing.

This issue moves along with the fact that Tony Chu is still looking for the Collector. A guy who just like Tony can take a bite of people and know what they know, but he can take other people’s powers. I think the one that gives me the most kicks is that there’s a XOCOSCALPERE, (That’s someone who can sculpt chocolate so lifelike that it can become wherever it resembles, like a gun or a cat.) Olive Chu is like her dad, Tony and has his powers too. But she’s way more powerful in that she can store multiple powers and turn them on and off at will. Olive is also working with her dad’s ex mentor now number one bad guy, Mason Savoy.  

Now that I think about it, it seems like everybody in the world of CHEW can see the big picture except Tony. I mean I know that Tony is pretty much on the straight and narrow but with nobody having his back I think it does a really good job of making it seem Tony is hard to like. That’s just my opinion. But hey, I don’t write this thing. Savoy, Olive and Colby go after the Collector, (Not Benico Del Toro.) and learns from one of his lackeys that he’s got safe houses all over the damn planet. I wonder how he pays all the taxes on these places?  

One great part of this issue is that Colby and crew want Tony out of the way, so what do they do? Why, send him to the Arctic to try and solve the murder of a Penguin. You can’t make this stuff up, folks. It’s an amusing part in the book where he’s told that he has to stay for three weeks to solve the mystery. Tony yells out that he has more important shit to worry about in his life. (His words, not mine.) He’s probably going to just bite the three suspects and get to the bottom of this ASAP. 

The ending was pretty crazy and awesome. Olive proves herself to Colby by kicking all types of ass. Hell, she didn’t even need the help of the great POYO. (Google him!) So now, it’s on to take down the Collector. Savoy thinks Olive is the key to winning the war. But, and there always is a but, the final page of this issue has Olive coming face to face with the Collector from the upcoming issue and, gasp, her face is cut off buy the Collector. Dang, that’s gotta suck all types of balls. But on the upside the letter pages had tons of pictures of cats! This always picks up my day. I think this is how every comic should end. I’m pretty sure that this is the thing that’ll save the industry. CATS!

-Tash Moore

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