Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Comics Rant: Invincible #114

Invincible #114
Written Bu Robert Kirkman
Penciled By Ryan Ottley
Inks By Cliff Rathburn
Colors By John Rauch

Hello once again comic book fans. Tash Moore here and in an attempt to show I’m not as lazy as Marvel editorial, I’ve got a new rant in the form of one of my former favorite comics. Image Comic’s Invincible. Or also known as the other book that Kirkman writes that ain’t got no zombies. You know, the super hero book that hipster or noobs can’t seem to get with. And hey, fuck them. Ahem, Invincible would be super awesome. But when the book is so damn late that Warren Ellis can’t recall what’s going on, that creates a problem. So yeah, C’mon Kirkman,
I’m sure you can put off the zombies for just one month to give us our favorite non Spider-Man drama, Geez.

So back from last time, Robot has decided that the only way to really bring true order to our sad little planet is to take it over. Make sense, if your are a 1960’s bad guy written by Stan Lee. Hey, I’ll say this, good for you, Robot. What can I say? It’s good to have lofty dreams. Mine is a free Tibet. Well, not really, just a Hellblazer Omnibus by Garth Ennis. (Vertigo FTW!) So Robot is already started his “Take over the planet” plan. Hell, Even Invincible’s old man jump into to bed with Robot. Wait, not literally,but he figures that so long as there’s peace, why rock the boat.

A side note that just proves how much Black Invincible (Blinvincible) is a total asshole. Not only does this guy kill his twin brother and takes his place, he also throws a tantrum and kills both his parents. If that isn’t a red flag, man, I don’t know what is. Somebody outta tell his girlfriend about all this. Oh, wait. She helped kill his folks. Somehow, I think they stay together. Nothing brings a couple together quite like killing a loved one folks. Just ask all those couple up on death row. Better yet, maybe not. Okay, so if all this didn’t make you want to root against Blinvincible maybe this will.

So the Guardians of the Globe, not to be confused with Chris Pratt using fucking walkman to take down a bad guy, are planning a counter attack on Robot. But that no good, stinking Blinvincible sells them out and they all get taken into custody. So by the next evening, Robot has taken over almost all the World’s government’s. But unlike what he tried to do in the Flaxian World he’s not going to be a public ruler, but a private one, who works in the shadows. You know, kind of like we have now. (Jay-Z?)

So back to the guy the comic is named after, Invincible. He can’t stand the idea of a world ruler so he takes off, with the blessing of Atom Eve, to confront Robot. Robot has tons of his armored guards and there’s pretty much not much Invincible can do to damage them. So much for being called Invincible. Amirite?  Robot doesn’t want to kill his dear old friend but he’s gotta do what a man/ robot has gotta do. So Invincible decided after much thinking that a war would be pointless and Robot has pretty much won. Hey Dr. Doom, stop what you’re doing and take a note from this guy. I bet he even has his degree. Fun issue and the art by the team of Ottley, Rathburn and Rauch is always worth the price of admission. ($2.99) So this was fun and I wonder how the good guys come back to win. If they ever do at all.

-Tash Moore

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