Saturday, October 25, 2014

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #132

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard 
            So Andrea has been cornered by Magna and her group back at her house. They’ve found Negan, didn’t buy his story, but have some questions about the goings on at Alexandria. Before the questioning begins, Andrea lets it be known, if she’s hurt, not one of them is leaving Alexandria alive. That line alone gave me chills and we haven’t even turned to page 2 yet! To build on that tension, the next pages aren’t even at Alexandria, they’re back on The Hilltop focusing on Rick and Maggie again. Carl has finally met up with them after hanging with Sophia for a bit and they’ve experienced their first moment of boredom in the new, post-apocalyptic world…and its beautiful. Little does Rick know,
his beloved Andrea is being held hostage and could possibly get hurt. But being bored…its so beautiful. Keeping the theme of bouncing back and forth we go back to the hunt for Ken, led by Dante. Last time we left them, they were cornered in a barn by a small group of walkers. The only way to survive is to fight your way out, and that they do! They have a great step system when it comes to being surrounded. They each call out how many steps they’ve taken from the center and when they get to 5, they track back to the center of the circle. This helps open up the horde and keep control of the incoming attack. These walkers seem different, they seem smarter. They’re picking up weapons and fighting back. The two members who aren’t Dante eventually fall to the walkers and die, and the walkers decide to let Dante know. These can even talk! Maybe Ken’s brother isn’t as crazy as people think.
            Dante finishes off the rest of the walkers and is left with nothing but his own thoughts about the insanity that just ensued. He walks over to one of the dead walkers and notices some stitching on the back of his head. He pulls the strings to see that underneath was just a man. There are men who are out there who kill walkers, skin them, and wear their skins as a disguise. We’ve seen before that masking ones scent can help keep walkers away. What these guys are doing is just disgusting. Gut wrenching. Almost as gut wrenching as when a member of their group appears behind Dante with a gun, demanding him not to move.
            Talk about a shock ending. Talk about a plot twist. Talk about this book finally getting its steam back after All Out War! This was a bone chilling issue, and it all comes from that ending man. Finding out there’s people out there who kill walkers to wear them is almost enough to make you puke. But now the only person out there who can clear the story is being held captive. Not only that, but Andrea is still being held hostage by the new comers. This is getting intense and it won’t be long before the next chapter in the story is out and ready to be thrown up on the site! Keep close to see where this ends up, until next time!!!

-Matt Milanes

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