Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Matt looks@ New York Comic Con 2014: Saturday

  This one in the big day. This is the day that always sells out the quickest, the one everyone wants to go to most. Having that said, its obviously the day with the most people. The day started out early with the Logan Legacy panel at 11 am. This was a really cool look with an all star panel on how the death of beloved character Wolverine was going to affect the Marvel Universe and all the characters that hold him as a dear friend. Boy, let me tell you this is going to shake things up. First off, there's tons of books spinning out of the Death of Wolverine. Can you say $$$$$$? First off was a book called The Weapon X Program. The final issue of DoW, Logan finds himself going back to the Weapon X facility, where he was "born" you could say. Really brings a cool cycle theme to everything. This book is going to be about some of the lab rats who were being held at Weapon X, their escape, and how they manage to live in the real world now that they're free. Will they take out their anger on man, or just try to live normal lives like everyone else. You'll have to buy and find out.

     The next book was a One-Shot that Marvel is working on entitled Deadpool & Captain America. Only thing is, its not Steve Rogers in the suit and shield. Its old man, powerless, can wielding Steve Rogers. Another book being released is called Life After Logan. This book is a collection of stories of Logan's closest friends just simple dealing with the loss of their close friend. Another book is called Wolverines. This book is centered around a couple villains, not exactly working together, but not exactly against each other. Some of them you'll know right away. Some, you'll have to do some research but the team. Featuring characters like Mystique, Daken, X-23, Sabertooth, and the 5th that no one in the room recognized, this book will surly be one you don't wanna miss out on.
     Next up was the next couple issues of hit series Storm. She is dealing with the loss of Logan a bit harder than the others since they were lovers after her divorce with the Black Panther. How will she be dealing with a school without Wolverine? The answer is simple, get out in the world and complete some of Logan's unfinished business. She's gonna get down and get her hands dirty, but will these decisions lead to the fall of the goddess of the weather? X-Factor was another book they talked about for a long while. Not only does this book tie heavily into the new Marvel Event: Avengers/X-Men Axis, but the characters will feel the effects of the Death of Wolverine as well. All questions from throughout the series will be answered in the next couple issues of X-Factor and the conclusion on the current story is sure to be one you won't forget soon.
     Deadpool seemed to be the panel's favorite character to announce books for. There's two new Deadpool mini-series coming out, one of them called Deadpool's Art of War. In this book, we have Wade basically acting out the scenarios depicted in the ancient text. Sure to be a gut busting time. The other is a sequel to the last Deadpool mini-series entitled Return of the Living Deadpool. Back to black and white style except everything that is a Deadpool, and sure to make everyone cringe, laugh and cry like the last one. A lot of things are going on in the Deadpool ongoing series as well. We have a couple issues tying into Axis and taking Wade in some new directions as a man...or psycho...or both.

     Now it was time to hit the showfloor. There was tons of great cosplay, comics, vendors, and disgustingly overpriced dirty water dogs. The only thing I didn't enjoy about the con was the way they handled the panels in the main auditorium. This year NYCC made a big deal that they were going to start clearing out the auditorium after every single panel. By not doing this the other years, people would come in for the first panel, and sit through every single one just to catch the one they wanted later in the day. This year however, you could go to the auditorium early and get a wristband for a specific panel you wanted to catch. So sure, I can't sit in the room and wait for the panel, but what's stopping me from going at 10am and getting a band for the 5pm panel? This is a completely disgusting way to handle things, and the Daredevil panel which wasn't supposed to start until 5 was capped at 2:45. So with me not being able to get into that panel, I had no choice but to continue trooping the floor. Met Dan Slott for the 3rd year in a row and even got the big gun Brian Michael Bendis to sign some Ultimate Spider-Man books.
     Overall, this day was very successful. Got a lot of info on a lot of good books hitting the X-Office soon, and hopefully you all can enjoy some of those as much as I know I will. Be sure to read up on Sunday's shenanigans, coming soon!

-Matt Milanes

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