Thursday, October 9, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014 Day 1

Hey there folks. Tash Moore here with the skinny from my first day of New York Comic Con 2014. Luckily I remembered to wear some comfortable shoes, because I tell you, even with the carpeted floor the ground of the Javits Center is hard as old 1900’s nails. Just no give to them. To be honest, I only had about three panels that I really want to go to. But in the end I said screw it, I’m hungry and went off and got something to eat. Those who truly know me, knows that this is not a new thing. So yeah, as I get older food is greater than comics. So yeah, I pretty much missed the “20 Years of the Crow” panel. I got a feeling that panel would be good, but hey, that ain’t gonna feed a hungry man!

So at my first panel at the con was “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?” held by Jon Schnepp and his girlfriend. I was blown away by some of the info that was given about the film and I’m strongly considering picking up the DVD or Blu Ray once it comes out next year. They went into great detail to go over the outfit that Nic Cage was supposed to wear. I remember about a year and a half ago talking with Len Nard and he kept laughing about the crappy costume that was supposed to be used for the film. I’ll admit I thought it was the drizzling shits. But as the panel went on we learned that that uniform was supposed to help Supes when he gets killed by Braniac and Doomsday. You know, because they block out the sun greatly diminishing Superman’s powers. The bulky plastic suit is what helps brings Superman back to life after taking a “ Neutrino Bath.” I don’t know, I didn’t write the shit.

But hey, Kevin Smith did, he also dropped a nice little egg when he said that at the end of the film, during the funeral for the Man of Steel, Batman shows up to give the people of Metropolis hope and to stand strong. I’ll say that would have been about the coolest thing Kevin Smith has even put down on paper. But since you can’t see it I give you this:

One thing that cracked me up was who in their right mind would want Chris Rock to be Jimmy Olsen?!? That’s like saying “Don’t Sign Peyton Manning, we’ll just sign whoever they got over Jacksonville.” I think this might have been around the time people were drink the Chris Rock Kool- Aid. Sounds like 1997! Lethal Weapon anyone? Speaking of right place at the right time Nic Cage was in the mist of making this film when he could do no wrong, I mean CON AIR and The ROCK. We all know that Ghost Rider and anything else he’s done has erased any goodwill this guy had. Such a bummer.

The other panel I got to sit in on was the Bob’s Burger’s panel. There was a dude who got tons of heat with the crowd because he was dressed as Gene. Burger outfit and all. Sadly, when asked who he was dressed as he blurted out “Bob Jr.” I think someone threw a bottle at him. It was me. Anyway you get the same goodness that tends to come with the now annual Bob’s Burgers panel. Most of the cast was there, minus crowd favorite Dan Mintz. But hey, they did have a seven foot Tina on stage for the crowd. (Legit.) The crowd got pumped for the next season and I bolted early for a beer. Not a bad first day, but boy are my feet killing me. I’ll be back tomorrow and so will Matt with some stories from the Con. If you see me tomorrow, for the love of god hand me some water, or some gel pads.

-Tash Moore

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