Saturday, October 11, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014 Day 2

What a day. What. A. Day. The day kicked off with the Kevin Smith Comic Book Men panel and what a good time that was. As per usual, Kevin Smith comes out stoned as HELL and brings out his workers at his comic book shop in Red Bank, New Jersey. The men are: Walt Flannigan, Bryan Johnson, Michael Zapzik, and everyone's favorite: Ming Chen. Naturally, the majority of the questions of the Q&A went to Kevin about things like film school, how to make it big and Clerks 3, but the cool thing about this years panel was people actually asked questions to the Comic Book Men about the tv show. The crowd was great, the environment was great, the panel was great. We learned Kev has a trilogy of Canadian Horror flicks and then we finally get Clerks 3. If there's anyone out there more inspirational than Kevin Smith
then I'll fly you out to meet them. A true gem in the world of shit, and a shining light.

Next came the video game panel. We hit up the IGN panel for PS4 and XBox One: One Year Later. This was an interesting sequel panel to last years panel on what to expect on the next gen consoles. This was an interesting inside look/conversation/Q&A about the next gen consoles that are available for purchase today. We talked about changes in the industry, games coming out, and what to expect in the coming years for the consoles.

There was still a lot of time left for the day so out to the floor we go! Vendors, vendors and more vendors. Silver age comics, golden age comics, figures, prints, art, statues, games, toys, anything you can think of, it was out there. I spent hours hitting that floor and even picked up some hardcovers of the Armory Wars, a book written by the lead singer of the great band Coheed and Cambria. It's an interesting sci-fi book that their music is based off of so expect me to talk about that in the future. Can't wait for tomorrow, it's the biggest day of the con and there will be a lot to handle! Be back, or even better, follow our Twitter @theverbalmosh for live tweets of the show floor this weekend!!!

Matt Milanes

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