Saturday, October 11, 2014

New York Comic Con 2014 Day 3

With another day in the book for the 2014 New York Comic Con, there were a few takeaways.  Once gripe that gets to me is that the folks stress that you enter at the correct spot. They seemed to have this worked out really well for Thursday, but Friday and Saturday they just said “Fuck it!” and stopped caring. But hey, what can you really do? What would be really cool is if someone took it upon themselves to police the con a la Punisher. Frank Miller style, on second thought this is a bad idea.

First up we had the Cup O’ Joe.  Boy Bendis sure did let his fame go to his stomach. It’s like he ate Alex Maleev! Aw, I kid. Bendis seems like a nice guy. Just a bad writer. But hey, he isn’t his own editor so, Bendis make the money while you can. One thing that made me laugh and scoff is when current Marvel EIC said that the guys at the top don’t mandate all these big events that happen every summer. That’s total bullshit. We know that there’s a guy at the top, probably Joe Quesada and other’s throwing these idea’s where the writer need to flesh them out. (Fear Itself anyone?)

We got more questions with more non answers from Joe Quesada. Surprisingly, no one asked Joe about the Fantastic Four being cancelled just because FOX won’t kneel over and give the film rights back to Disney. Also they had this book that had humans and birds spliced together in a comic called Max Ride. Teens with powers that are outcast, shit that sounds like the X-Men. Quick, better burn all the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby work! But hey, they did show some cover art for the new Star Wars line that’s being launched in January. Hell, even Darth Vader gets a new #1. Hey, that’s Marvels’ thing. Just slap a #1 and watch it fly…..into a discount bin.

75 Years of Batman

This panel had Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Neal Adams, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo and Kevin Conroy.

* Kevin Conroy is totally awesome. He’s speaking voice is Bruce Wayne and caught me off guards. I’d be fine with him just reading a damn phone books.

*Everyone gushes over Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

*Neal Adams is a jerk ass in real life, folks.

*Geoff Johns on Batman Earth One is still goofy as shit. Batman that screws up just doesn’t work. Stick to Superman, Geoff.

*Scott Snyder got his eyebrows fixed. Thank Grant Morrison.

Star Wars Rebels

This was surprisingly fun. I had a blast watching this show and it’s too bad that it’s only on Disney XD. If it were on network TV I’m sure this would get even more people into Star Wars and more money for Marvel to put out more #1’s. (Punisher anyone.) I liked they art style and even dug that they had a new Sith lord under Vader. Never once did the story let up and I have to say that if I still was paying a cable bill, I’d go out of my way to watch this. I recommend it, even if you aren’t really into Star Wars. It’ll change your mind on it.


Matt Ryan does a good job. I had my fingers crossed for this show. My Grandmother loved reading Hellblazer. She even got a subscription to the damn book and collected any action figure of John Constantine. She loved that Trench coat wearing weirdo and so do I. I really wanted this one to not suck(Since it’s near and dear to me)  and since it’s on late on NBC they can give away with dropping the non PG words like Asshole and uhmmmm, Jerk ass. Hands off to David Goyer and crew for making JC legit British and a jerk. He may not be Sting, but hey, it’s pretty damn close. I hope NBC picks this up because boy, do they not have a ton of great shows that stand out. I can’t wait to see this show on network TV to where I can see it at home and get a clear understand of what John was saying. Between the accent and loud ass people, I missed some things. So yeah, today was fun. Three days down and one to go. I’ll be back tomorrow with a look at the Gotham Panel. I got a gut feeling that’ll be good.

-Tash Moore

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