Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Thief of Thieves #24

Thief of Thieves #24
written by Andy Diggle
art by Shawn Martinbrough

Thief of Thieves has been such a strong story with the way it progresses it's characters and plot. Redmond is working his way closer and closer to Lola which is very exciting considering how dangerous Lola is, and it'll be even more exciting to see if Redmond can really stand up against him, not only in wits and cunning, but in power, too. I think he can, but one can never be too sure. First, Redmond needs to take care of the rat that betrayed him that led to the demise of his wife and son.

It was cool to see how in control of the situation Redmond was. I don't want to spoil TOO much (but I probably will) but we get to see how Redmond was aware of the plot against his family. That was a great, dramatic build-up considering how devastated he appeared upon hearing of his family's death. I like seeing the bond he has with his family. There's a natural chemistry there when, seeing how in previous issues they would more than get on each other's nerves, Redmond still has their backs. And they're not all lovey-dovey about it either, which stays true to their characters.

I love the pacing of this story. It's all told very succinctly with nothing feeling too drawn out or like there's too much information crammed in to a short space of time. The artwork has been consistently great. It provides the perfect mood to the story with it's line weights and use of shadows. I think the cover to this issue is pretty cool, too, and it shows the dark nature of the book without being overtly gory.

I love the dark twists and turns this book makes and the fast-paced action. It's a great read.
-O. Pelaez

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