Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Hulk #7

Hulk #7
Written By Dangerous Gerry Duggan
Pencils By Maniacal Mark Bagley
Inks By Dastardly Drew Hennessy
Colors By Jabbin’ Jason Keith

Well, this was a fun and interesting issue of Hulk. Gerry Duggan has done a pretty good job of taking the Hulk, who we all know is pretty much just a pair of purple shorts punching things, and Duggan has turned Hulk upside down with Hulk’s new story and persona. Hulk is now Doc Greenskin. Heaven help you if you call him Hulk. He doesn’t want to be called Hulk which is pretty funny. Just putting it out there. So Doc Greenskin is going around curing people who are Gamma powered.

Doc Greenskin’s goal is to rid the world of Gamma powered
people in the Marvel U. Last issue, Doc Greenskin, took the gamma power from Rick Jones, pissing Rick off in the process. So Doc Greenskin goes to see Hulking and tells him that even though he’s not gamma powered, he’d better stay away from it. He then paid the bill and looked angrily at Hulking and shaked his fist at him. Now, one of these things really DID happen. Try and guess which one.

Then Hulk goes to the Savage Land and finds Skaar, who’s the son of Hulk. You know, from the whole World War Hulk thing from 2007. Remember that? No? Well neither do I. In a really cool moment, Skaar threw Doc Greenskin into lava, then Doc Greenskin spit hot lava in Skaar’s face. Then Doc Greenskin uses his antidote to take away the gamma power in Skarr. But Doc Greenskin ain’t no jerkass. He does the nice thing and gives Skaar a ride back to the states and tells him to see the world. If he’s still bitter, he can come back in few years and look him up for revenge. Not a bad little seed, to plant for a story down the road.

A great twist in the story is that Doc Greenskin never sleeps. Ever. And now, here, we find out why. Greenskin turns back into Bruce Banner, who’s trying to get control back. Great plot twist. It’s pretty much a reversal of the whole Banner being afraid of letting Hulk out. Now Hulk doesn’t want Banner out and it’s great stuff. The art is great from Bagley, who’s always been one of my favorites. Hard to believe that I’ve been a fan of his work for over twenty years.

The issue ends with a pretty cool finish. Rick Jones goes to snitch that Doc Greenskin is out to rid Earth of gamma powered goobers. ( I like that term.)  Rick tells none other than Betty Ross aka Red She-Hulk! So expect a showdown with these two next issues. I like how the new Hulk (Doc Greenskin) doesn’t have to break or smash anything while talking gibberish. He’s more methodical and cunning. That makes him ten times more scarier than any other version of the Hulk in the last ten years. Except the Hulk from the Marvel MAX Mini-Series. Go check that out, it’ll give you nightmares, it’s so damn good. (Drawn By Richard Corben.) So that’s my pick. Be sure to leave a comment or drop me a line at  I’m going to have a cup of tea.

-Tash Moore

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