Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Comics Rant: Batman #455

Batman #455
Written By Alan Grant
Pencils By Norm Breyfogle
Inks By Steve Mitchell
Colors By Adrienne Roy

To be honest, there’s nothing that I love to do more than to read a really good comic book. My enjoyment goes up a million percent when it involves Batman. Hey, when it’s that guy or Spidey, I’m a sucker for them both. So when I was hooking up a heater (it’s getting cold here on the east coast) a trade from my half assed shelf crash landed on my head. I looked up and it was the very first Robin trade that DC put out back in 1991. Not the crappy Jason Todd Robin, but the super spiky haired Tim Drake Robin. I decided to break out this trade and review each issue in. And not because I don’t feel like ranting on anything new. Ahem. So with Matt out with the dreaded Ebola Jr. Virus, it’s up to me to give you a new rant.

So let me just start out saying that I have a soft spot for Tim Drake. Maybe it was the way most of the Bat writers handled him at the time, but he really clicked and captured the imagination of a majority of comic fans at the time. So a little bit of info on old Tim.
He’s staying with Bruce Wayne and knows that Bruce is Batman. Tim’s parents were taken (Liam Neeson?) by the Obeah Man while in Haiti. Tim’s dad was injured so badly that he’ll be in a wheelchair for the rest of his days and his mother is dead.

So if you are in a comic book, make sure that you don’t ever head to Haiti. Oh, and if you are a woman, for the love of god, stay the hell away from a fridge. Only bad things can happen. Trust me. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, this rant! SO yeah, Tim knows who Batman and Nightwing are and he wants to be the new Robin. Batman is toying with the idea, but hasn’t come around to thinking that Tim is ready. If you feel up to it, go spend the six or seven bucks and buy the Batman trade “A Lonely Place of Dying” to get the details on Tim learning Batman’s secret ID. (Hint: He used Google.)

So our tale begins with a person wearing a skull mask and shooting into a random group of people. Batman puts a stop to it with the quickness but then pulls off the mask to reveal……a little old lady?!?! What gives? Bats wants to know why this sweet old lady just decided to start shooting randomly. He brushes it off as a first offence and thinks nothing of it.

Also a part of our tale has Vicky Vale. You’d know her from the 1989 film Batman, but in 1990’s time, she’s just a girl who Bruce Wayne just could not give up to his nights of dishing out beatings like cookies to bad guys. She’s still doing the whole photo taking thing and goes to get some pictures of the homeless of Gotham. As she leaves, some of the homeless are attacked by another person in that same skull mask. Which thanks to the art by Norm Breyfogle and Steve Mitchell, this guy looks scary as all hell!

So when Vicky was looking at her photos she was developing she sees the skull masked individual getting into a car and scores his plates. Talk about lucky. So what does she do? Why investigate. But NEVER telling anyone where she’s going. Talk about being bright. Batman also sees the news about a second skull masked attacker and knows that in no way in hell is this a one time deal, so he leaves the Batcave to investigate. Oh, and what I can only describe as a “Plot Point” Batman tells Tim that he’s not ready to be Robin and if he puts the suit on Tim would be disobeying Batman and would never get to wear those Short Shorts.

So Vicky Vale finds the car and falls into a trap. Like you didn’t see that one coming. Oh, I wonder who will rescue her. (Sarcasm.) And that’s where we’ll end this. Everything was fucking amazing about this issue. Alan Grant had great pacing and got all his points across and built tension for the next part of the story. Breyfogle is one of my favorite Batman artist and it was a dream come true to interview him. We talked Batman and Star Wars. You can't beat that. If you haven’t heard it you owe it to yourself to check it out. You can hear itright here.Or check out the link at the top that says "Interviews." So come back in a few days as Batman tries to solves this mess, oh and he’ll also solve who drank all the damn Nog! (Alfred.) Oh, and Tim Drake will be there, too.

-Tash Moore

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