Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Comics Rant: Batman #457

Batman #457
Written By Alan Grant
Pencils By Norm Breyfogle
Inks By Steve Mitchell
Colors By Adrienne Roy

We come full circle here, folks. Batman #457 takes us to the final part of Tim Drake becoming the Third Robin. Oh, don’t act like you didn’t know where this was going. This story is almost twenty years old, so you can’t say that this is a spoiler. So to pick up from last issue Batman and Vicky Vale are held by Scarecrow and both are being exposed to his new fear gas. Vicky Vale totally can’t cope and breaks down crying about her poor dog. Batman tries to hold his breathe but in a cool spot, Scarecrow punches Batman in the stomach and forces him to breathe the gas in. Bats automatically starts going back to when his parents were killed.

Tim Drake catches a cab to the Scarecrow’s hideout. Yup, a cab. Hey, when Bruce Wayne is taking care of you, you can totally blow tons of cash on a cab. Didn’t Alfred think to stop this twelve year old kid from going out at midnight and trying to play hero. No wonder Bruce is so screwed up. All the blame is all on Alfred. Good job, Alfred. I bet Thomas Wayne is really regretting leaving his only son in your care.

So Batman is tied upside down and Scarecrow is taking pleasure in making him suffer. Hey, it’s what good Batman villains do. Tie Batman up and then NOT kill him. No wonder these guys always end up in Arkham. Morons. So Tim Drake sneaks into Scarecrow’s place and, with the help of a tripwire, takes down the hired goons that Scarecrow has. Is it me or does Gotham City have an unlimited supply of morons to join any gang of a bad guy at any given time. How is this whole city not in jail. Then again, Gotham does come across as a prison state.

So Tim comes face to face with Scarecrow. Scarecrow just throws the same drug that he was using on Batman on Tim. But Tim isn’t some little sissy boy like Bats and after a few minutes, Tim shakes it off. Then, he whacks Scarecrow in the head with his staff and Scarecrow knocks over his own shelf and all his own chemicals fall onto him causing him to freak out and, in a great scene drawn by Norm Breyfogle and Steve Mitchell, has Scarecrow as a real life Scarecrow being pecked to death by a ton of crows. It was pretty awesome.

Tim cuts Bats down and Batman calls the five-oh. (The Police.) Vicky is taken home (Batman ain’t got no time for no needy woman.) and Batman drives Tim Drake back to the Cave and tells him that (Surprise) he’s the new Robin and gets a sweet new outfit. I always felt that this was the best Robin costume. Brilliantly designed by Mr. Norm Breyfogle, himself. Batman’s cool with being saved by a kid who’s got more heart than him. Tim shaked off the Scarecrow drugs, Batman just cried and swayed upside down. You do the math on who’s the better hero! (Robin.)

All this ends the issue and rolls right into the Robin #1 Mini Series that I’ll be getting to soon. Along with one of my favorite Mini Series, Robin II: Joker’s Wild. Both were very good, in my opinion. Hell, both series did great numbers for DC and were well put together and both withstand the test of time. Unlike some stories. Batman Hush, I’m looking at you. Fun yarn (Story.) that was well done and made Tim Drake very likable and this was important to keeping him strong in the eyes of the fans. Three cheers around for the creative team for crafting a fun tale that never dragged on. Respect.

-Tash Moore

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