Friday, November 21, 2014

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #133

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

     This issue opens up at the ass crack of dawn. Carl is just waking up on his second day at his new apprenticeship at the Hilltop. He wakes up and finally reads that love note that Anna sent him with. Its all cute and stuff, but the perfect example of "You missed your chance, chick.". Meanwhile, Andrea is going over well with the new people. Giving them all the honest answers to all the questions they've been asking. About Carl and his face wound, about Negan about everything. Things aren't too much better for Eugene though. He and his girlfriend, Rosita have hit a rough patch. Simply put, she don't love his ass. She cheated and now she's pregnant. He's willing to raise it as his own as long as she can love him. Man this is starting to look like its going to become an episode of Maury. Except there is no Maury in this word =/. Well I'm sure Maury Povich is alive somewhere, but his show sure ain't!

     Dante's also seen better days, as he was out on a search for a lost member, he and his group stumbled upon some walkers that can fight back. Only to learn that these walkers were actually human who wear walker skin. The larger group has caught him and are holding him at gunpoint, careful not to make any sudden movements on either end as they're surrounded by walkers and don't want to excite them in any way. Now we get a scene per page which covers everything from Carl perfectly crafting a spearhead, Jesus riding out with a small group out looking for Nathaniel, a rider who hasn't returned to his post yet, and it ends off with Jesus' group getting attacked by the walker/people!!! They overtake every last member of Jesus' group leaving him by himself. The walkers close in a little more and one whispers "You die now."

     Can you imagine the fear Jesus must be feeling right about now?!?!?! This weird ass humans wearing walker skin twist that Kirkman threw in is absolutely incredible. These guys seem to either 1. Really know how to survive. 2. Have amazing gag reflexes. Or 3. Have absolutely lost every ounce of their shit. Don't tell anyone, because I normally don't share my votes, but mine is on option 3. Only one way to find out, and that's to be back soon for another look back into the post apocalyptic world that everyone has loved and raved about for only 5 years. Damn you, AMC. Until next time!!!

-Matt Milanes

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