Friday, November 21, 2014

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #134

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

     Jesus is cornered by walkers that speak. Walkers with weapons. Walkers who aren't...really walkers. They're humans who have killed walkers and are now wearing their skins. That's totally normal, right? You mean you guys don't do that kind of thing? Oh...whoops. Guess I've gotta make some calls and cancel some Amazon orders. Anywho, Jesus is cornered and the best way to go out is in style, and by style I mean slicing some dudes with a katana. Halfway through the fight, he hears his fallen teammate Darius cry for help. Holy hell, he's still alive?! After killing every single last walker, alive or dead, Jesus finally comes up to Darius to make sure he's okay. Meanwhile back at The Hilltop, Carl and Sophia are having what looks to be like a date. Carl's getting some in both towns. He's clapping cheeks!!! Their picnic gets cut short when some bullies from a couple issues ago smack Carl with a brick in the back of the head. To everyone's surprise, he gets up and runs away, leaving Sophia to fend for herself. That's not a problem at all for her, as she's able to hold her own against these punks. Its not long before Carl makes his return to deal with this problem, but he deals with it with a shovel.

     He bashes the skulls of both bullies repeatedly until there's blood all over him and Sophia. And with perfect timing, Jesus comes back to The Hilltop. He's returned with Darius who's in desperate need of a doctor. He's been stabbed up by the walker/people, and was surrounded by hungry real walkers when Jesus saved him. Luckily for that armor, he doesn't think any bites got to actual skin. Regardless, he needs medical attention quick to help figure out what's wrong. Jesus also brought another gift, one of the walker/people. He brought him back to be a prisoner, and they've got a heavy interrogation session to sit through. Speaking of perfect timing again, Sophia finds Maggie in the front of the town with Carl, both covered in blood. In horror, Maggie asks them what happened and Carl tells her they were attacked and he thinks he may have killed the two boys.

     What a way to end the issue, right? And what's up with Carl? Is this some kind of plot of his? Why would he be so honest about what happened, is he actually scared? What's his motive with this, and what's this going to do to his apprenticeship? Gotta come back next issue and see what happens! This book is finally cooking up again, can't wait to see where this all goes, until next time!

-Matt Milanes

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