Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Chew #44

Chew #44
written by John Layman 
art by Rob Guillory

It's my turn for Pick of the Week and this week I've selected Chew #44 as the best book to read. You got a sense of what was going to happen in this issue from the ending in the last issue, but that was just the tiniest hint really. This comic has many great moments in it that make following the main plot so much more fun. For instance: the squirrel.

What a cute character!!!!! That little guy was so cute. His appearance was so short too, which was so sad. But good, too.

So, most of the FDA gang are out to get the Collector in this issue. Tony Chu knows that this is a bad idea at this moment in time so he doesn't bother going along. He's busy hanging out with his wife Amelia, doing other things. You'd think Poyo would be called in as back up when things get too rough with the Collector as he usually is called in, but he's busy fighting a dark version of himself. The two page splash wasn't one of my favorites with Poyo. I think because there have been so many different versions of that theme, the idea isn't as interesting to me anymore. Things get really tough. Too tough for anyone. Olive Chu is battling off against the Collector. She thinks she may be able to stand up against him as she's been the protege of Savoy and has been studying and picking up a variety of other food related combat skills. She doesn't come close to holding a candle against the Collector and she gets totally crushed.

I liked all of the action in this issue. That's pretty much all there was to it. It was nice to see Olive get something to do since she's just been training and in the background for the most part. The Collector is such a formidable character. It's hard to imagine who or what will be able to put a stop to him. I'm pretty sure it'll be left up to Tony, but I just don't know how it'll happen. My hands down favorite moment in the story was the bit with the squirrel though. And that is probably why this book edged out some of the others books that I read for this week. I'm not gonna spoil his part so pick up a copy of Chew #44 for yourself, if you haven't already, in order to see what he does. That squirrel is a total scene stealer. In some ways he reminds me of when Poyo first appeared as this new character that is ready to kick some serious butt, but he isn't being played out like Poyo is. He's got a very sweet disposition too.

That little squirrel gets two thumbs up from me and so does this book.

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