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Reboots and Relaunches November 2014

Reboots and Relaunches for this month, right now!

Back here for the attack. Tash Moore here with you on this fine Election day here in the good ol’ US of A. I went out and voted, did you? Since no one is running for President this time around I bet you didn’t. You lazy bum. But it doesn’t matter because Ronald Regan is still the man in charge. Even if he’s a hologram. If Frank Miller is to be believed. But hey, that dude hasn’t written anything decent since Batman: Year One.  But let’s leave that on the back burner. This is my little area of the Internet where I can cast my opinions on the Comic Book topics of the day. It’s Bi-Monthly ( Which means it swings that way, if you know what I mean. Cause I sure don’t.) newz you can use. And by use I mean the total opposite of that. Yup.

Fantastic Fuck Up.

By now I’m sure that you’ve heard that FOX Studious has a new Fantastic Four film in the works for 2015. It’ll pretty much be a reboot of the film franchise. This will hopefully erase the drizzling shits “Acting” job of Jessica Alba and Chris “I’m Captain America, now damnit” Evans. But this is all good and well to the folks over at Fox. It’s ruffles the feathers of one Isaac Perlmutter ( What an awful name.)  Turns out he’s pretty pissed at Fox for not turning over the films right to the FF when they had the chance, so that keeps Perlmutter and Disney from raking in the cash from said film. Word around the Marvel’s office is that he doesn’t want to see or hear anything Fantastic Four. Also the book will be cancelled by Marvel at Perlmutter’s request. I’m not sure this is totally true. But the books sales have been pretty shitty since about the time Mark Millar left. Word is Perlmutter wanted to cancel the X-Men books too, since Fox owns those films rights, too. But that would be too costly. From what I’ve seen and read,this dude is all about the bottom line. But this guy seems petty. I’m not to happy seeing Marvel lose it’s “First Family” but they just haven’t had a sales spark in some time. But it’s awful to have it go the way of the Buffalo. But hey, the upside could be that all this controversy could lead to Fantastic Four coming back in some form soon. Shit, it’s not like Marvel hasn’t done that before. Hell, they do it once a month for some books. *Cough,Moon Knight,Cough*

DC TV and other crap

Well DC Comi….I mean Entertainment have a full slate of shows on dock with Fox’s Gotham, CW’s The Flash and NBC’s Constantine. Olivia and I have seen all three shows so I’ll be going over all three shows but before that there looks to be a new show hitting the air soon. CBS is looking to get in the game with a weekly Supergirl TV. It seems that the DC TV universe is doing just well. It also helps that David S. Goyer is playing a key role in Constantine. Making sure that the property doesn’t get to ahead of it’s self and jumps the shark too soon. I mean, I still see that happening, but you know, sometime in Season 3.

Well to be totally honest, I’ve only seen the pilot that was shown at New York Comic Con this year. I
mean, Actor Matt Ryan (Not the Atlanta Falcon’s QB) has been good. Heck we even saw him in our favorite NYC pub getting a pint and stopped for a smoke. Can’t beat that. No word on if he summoned a demon while getting that smoke. I’ll be seeing the second and third episodes soon, so look for me ranting about it on the Podcast pretty soon. But if Goyer is involved I think it’ll be a pretty nifty show. Just don’t try to be too PG about it. It really needs to be Hellblazer from Vertigo and NOT New 52 Constantine. I’m not really going to crap on the show (Not Yet, anyway.) but time will tell how long Constantine last on Prime time Network Television.

This has been a guilty pleasure of mine. I know that there are some people who want it to be just a Crime show and I know people who just want it to be set in the DCnU proper with all the weird shit and bad guys. But I ( and only myself) seem to think that this show strikes a pretty decent balance. It’s got the detective stuff with Gordon and Bullock going after killers and then you get the craziness of guys like Balloon Man (Don’t laugh.) and the yet unseen Doll Maker. I know it’s been a ratings hit. So I high hopes for the rest of the first season and whatever comes down the pike in season two. I’d really like it if Bruce Wayne leaves Gotham to travel the world only to return as Batman in the Series Finale. I don’t see that happening, but I can hope can’t I? Also two more things. This show is turning to Penguin Year One and I can say that I love it. Showing how he went from low level (and I do mean low level.) goon to the top “Legitimte” businessman in Gotham is really damn compelling. He should just learn to keep his beak shut. Two is how awesome and socially awkward that The Riddler is. Note to Scott Snyder (more on him later.) this is how to approach Edward Nygma. While he hasn’t been the breakout guy like Pengiun has I expect great things from him and the actor who portrays him. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make a character and Cory Michael Smith has been playing his role to the tee.

*The Flash

They did it. Dc Comi….I mean Entertainment has gotten a property done right. Flash flew under the radar and I felt like this show was going to leave a black eye on DC heroes that wasn’t Superman or Batman. But shit, it’s been so good and slowly but surely getting better as time goes on. Hell, it’s getting to where I look forward to this over Gotham. It’s a legit show, folks. It’s so good that you should think Spider-Man of DC. That’s meant as a compliment to the folks working on this show. Gustin Grant does a good job of playing the Ernest guy who just happens to fun fast. Lots of supporting players but never once has that made me or I think anyone for that matter confused as to the story lines are for the episode. You don’t get lost as you can sometimes with a pretty big cast and lots of plot threads. It’s been very entertaining so much that I’ve been keeping notes. The Flash has done a great job, introducing him to a wider audience and Gustin Grant does a fantastic job of portraying a guy who really wants to be a hero but totally isn’t quite there yet. Plus,we got to see the Cosmic Treadmill on TV and that’s worth keeping it on the air for three seasons if you ask me. But you didn’t so whatever.

Speaking of all these Dc Tv shows, Green Arrow, Flash and so on, I have one problem. None of these guys will be in the DCnU movie universe. This is stupid move and shows that WB and DC are NOT on the same page or hell even the same book for that matter. Why go through all the hassle of bringing all these new heroes to a whole new audience if you can’t bring them to the big screen. I know people will still go see the upcoming DC films, but I think that some momentum has been lost by not bringing the TV actors to the Films. Meh. I have this feeling that Zack Snyder will drop the ball on Batman/Superman. I know that I’ve seen saying that for sometime now, but every once in a while you just gotta go with your gut. I’m doing that now and it’s telling me to go eat lunch.

But before I do there’s just one more thing I want to harp on.

Holding the line at $4.99

If you didn’t see Marvel is bring the price of some of it’s comics to $4.99. Naturally DC followed suit and raised the price of Batman to $4.99 as well. Batman has been pretty much a well selling title of DC’s for sometime now and they figured “Hey, why not just fucking bleed everyone dry? Marvel’s doing it!”  With that way of doing business there’s no way DC can fail. Except they did. Scott Snyder even went on Twitter to say that the price of Batman was too damn high. (Along with his rent.) When one of your top writers has to protest a price hike then successfully lobby you to bring down the price back down to $3.99 there’s pretty big problem in the Industry. I hope there’s a pick up soon, We totally can’t get by with just doing the same old shit from thirty years ago. I’m looking at you Marvel. Secret Wars (2015) #1 my ass. They should just put Marvel’s Cash Grab on the cover and ask all fans to turn over their IRA’s to Disney. It’ll save time for Marvel. Shit’s getting out of hand, man. $4.99 is absurd. No wonder people are stealing comics. But Batman will soon hit the five buck price and people will no doubt drop the book. Well, not anytime soon. Word is Snyder and Greg Capullo will stick around until about issue #50. Whoever takes over the book better be big or the sales will drop. Nobody and I mean nobody is going to spend $4.99 on a fucking book that ain’t written by Tom Defalco. Twenty years ago, maybe. In 2014, that shit ain’t gonna fly. Wow, come to think of it, the DC Editorial offices with Bob Harris is starting to look a lot like Marvel in the 1990’s. Clones, reboots and a whole lot of Chiefs with no Indians.

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-Tash Moore

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