Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week; Silver Surfer #7

Tash’s Pick of the Week: Silver Surfer #7
Story & Plot By Dan Slott and Michael Allred
Drawn By Michael Allred
Colors By Laura Allred

Hey, would you look at that. Dan Slott does non Spider-Man stuff. And you know what? It’s some awesome stuff. I’ve read lots of Silver Surfer stories from the Silver Age up until today and this has been pretty much a different take on ol’ Norrin Radd. (Awesome real name buy the way.) Normally we’d get some story where the Silver Surfer is flying around the space ways and he’d be doing one of two things.
He’d be brooding about his lost love, Shalla Bal. If not that, he’d be brooding about the how’s and why’s of the universe. So yeah, this dude broods. A lot. But in comes Dan Slott and Mike Allred.

Goodbye bitchy Surfer and in comes fish out of water Surfer. And hey, he’s got a female companion that seems just as quirky as him in Dawn Greenwood. For those who don’t know, Dawn was kidnapped by some Aliens (Not THOSE Aliens) and the Silver Surfer saved her. So now they are together and hitting it off pretty well. Not to mention in this issue having some crazy adventures. For instance, Dawn and the Silver Surfer get captured by Space Hillbillies, (Yeah, you read that right.) They try to force Dawn to marry the lead Hillbilly in what was and I am not kidding here an “Atomic Shotgun Wedding.”  Thankfully, Silver Surfer breaks this up and gets Dawn Away.

Another nice part in this book is when all the dots on Dawn's dress get taken away. We all know that this really isn’t a big deal to Norrin, 'cause hey, the dude is pretty much naked the whole time. But Dawn is upset because the way her father was able to tell her apart from her twin sister was that Dawn was always in dots. In a really sweet moment Silver Surfer uses the Power Cosmic to make sure that Dawn will always have dots on whatever she wears going forward.

So this has Surfer and Dawn going to what they think is the very end of the Universe. They think this because they hit a black void where it’s a vacuum and there’re no stars or other planets at all. Like dead space. But the black space is alive and captures Dawn!!! Not cool, black space, not cool. So in order to save Dawn, The Silver Surfer has to “Silver Down” to get captured himself. Once inside the black space, Dawn is being held hostage and Silver Surfer puts a stop to that and using all of his energy, blows up the black space. Thus keeping any other unsuspecting passengers from being pulled into the hole. No word yet if Captain Kirk avoided this fate. But if he does, he can thank the Silver Surfer.

The ending has Surfer being so worried about Dawn that he gives her a ring made of the Power Cosmic (TM Jack Kirby.) You know, just if anything like this every happens again. She then asks if now that she has a ring are she and Norrin now going steady. Surfer is all like “UHMMMM”. I guess he liked her so much that he finally put a ring on it. Good for him. You can’t pine for the same woman from 1967 forever. Get your shiny, silver head in the game. Great story that wasn’t too sappy and the art by the Allred’s is worth the cover price alone. It’s a very cool take on the Silver Surfer that we haven’t seen before so it’s fresh and just plain fun comic book reading. What more could you really want? A price drop? Not on your life, True Believer. And by Believer I mean sucker for paying $4 for a comic. But hey, I’m guilty of this. So, very, very, Guilty! That’s where I’m ending this rant.

-Tash Moore

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