Thursday, December 18, 2014

Comics Rant: Daredevil #167

Written by: Roger McKenzie and Frank Miller
Art by: Frank Miller

We open up this time around with Matt and his hot new/old love interest Heather at what seems like a fancy party. One of those "rich only" type of deals. Matts just trying to have a good time but their party host, a man named Mr. Cord, just wants to talk business, taking Matt away from Heather. As they're talking we see someone's got their eyes set on Cord. And by eyes I mean crosshairs. The Mauler cuts the party early by swooping in and attempting to kill Mr. Cord. The only good thing about the fight is it builds commotion, allowing Matt to hide and change into his Daredevil suit!

Horn Head's able to subdue Mauler escapes and the police arrive. Cord has a fancy card that lets him stay quiet to the police, no matter what level they are. This is super suspicious to Daredevil and calls for some investigation. As Cord returns home the Devil is waiting for him. He wants to know why The Mauler felt the need to hunt down Cord and he gets his answers. The Mauler is a man named Aaron Soames who used to work for Cord. He was fired and butthurt so he stole a prototype for some body armor and boom, we have The Mauler. Daredevil leaves with a promise, if he finds out Cord has lied, he'll be back.

It's late but the investigation isn't over.
Daredevil heads to Cord's headquarters to do some more work and he smells someone breaking in. Some ninja jumps and sneakiness later e finds none other than The Mauler himself! Another mega fight occurs and after both have smacked the unholy hell out of each other, Mauler's faceplate shatters revealing he's just an old man. He tells his story of how he got reemed by Cord and couldn't get his pension from work. He even hired a lawyer to get what's his but his court date isn't until a year from now. He had to think quick and revenge was his only option out. Just as the remorse is about to kick in, someone hits the lights! Mauler escapes and leaves the devil to deal with some more lackeys.

Once that's over and done with, Matt finds Mauler yet again with Cord in his hands leaving Daredevil no other option than to stop any means necessary. He's forced to kill him. This one ends on a sad note, Daredevil walks up to Cord, pissed. He basically lets him have it and the leaves. A couple days later Matt is the last one to show at a funeral that barely anyone was at. A funeral for a sad defeated man. A man who was...and that was enough.

And there you have it. The end of Vol. 1 of Frank Miller's Daredevil. We have two more trade paper backs to go and the ride has just begun. It's gonna get darker, it's gonna get grittier it's gonna get Daredevilier. Sit tight, strap in, and get ready for this roller coaster ride! Until next time!

Matt Milanes

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