Friday, December 12, 2014

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #197

Fantastic Four #197
Written By Marv Wolfman
Pencils By Keith Pollard
Inks By Joe Sinnott
Colors By Grossman

While the Fantastic Four may be on the outs with the folks over at Marvel, they aren’t with me. I’m still reading some kick ass Bronze Age Marvel tales of the First Family of Comics. We go into part two of our story where Dr. Doom is alive and well and has captured Sue Storm, The Thing and The Human Torch in his office in New York City. I’m always a bit amused at how everyone knows that Dr. Doom is like, the worst person on the planet but still show him respect by not calling him out on it. It’s mostly because they don’t want to get blasted by a ray gun or have their home shot into space by pissing Doom off. I know when I get upset that’s the first thing I’d want to do. Nothing say’s “I hate you more than anything!” than trying to blow your property into the air.

So Doom is mad at Reed Richards, (Isn’t he always mad at him?) and wants him to suffer.
But for that he has to give Reed his powers back. That Doom. He’s as evil as he is thoughtful. He’d be the greatest hero in the Marvel U. If he wasn’t such a jerk ass. So Doom puts Reed on a spacecraft and shoots him into space right into the Cosmic Rays that made him and the other the Fantastic Four in the first place. I must say how convenient for these Rays to be coming around Earth just when the story fit it. I know, I know. It’s a comic book. So yeah, Reed goes into space. Doom on the other wants to hang out before killing the full FF. So I kid you not, he starts playing the piano. Did I mention just how awesome Doom is? And the fact that he’s playing the piano here makes it all the most awesome. Doom then brings Alicia Masters to sculpt him, because as we all know Doom is the man and rolls like that.

The Thing is all “ Blah, blah, leave my girl alone, blah, blah.” Sadly, Dr. Doom didn’t follow this up with throwing his glass of wine at Ben. Which if he did this would have made it my all time favorite issue of Fantastic Four. While Doom get’s his groove back, we should check in with Reed in Outer Space. I mean,that’s pretty important to the story,right? Reed goes through the cosmic rays that originally gave him his powers. But this time there’s a twist. Since he went into the rays alone his powers are multiplied. Good for him. He has Doom to thank, so he should send him a Holiday Card.

Surprise, surprise. The Red Ghost was also on the space ship. Turns out if you read Iron Man #86, you’d see that the Red Ghost got blasted by a ray gun by Tony Stark and broke all of the Red Ghost’s atom around the planet. Oh that Iron Man, causing problems, long before Civil War. Tony after killing Red Ghost then went out and got drunk and ran over a hobo. Or not. You decide. So Reed and Red Ghost fight. (Don’t they always do this, it’s bad guy vs. good guy. It’s science, you can’t fight it. That’s like putting He-Man and Skelletor in the same room and expecting them NOT to come to blows.)

So The Red Ghost takes out the controls and ditches the ship. Leaving Reed to fend for himself. Reed escapes by stretching his body passed a pinprick hole in the wall to get to the escape pods on the ship. Too bad it didn’t have a transporter room, that’d been awesome. So also we have a plot point to get to. That’s Blond Hair fellow who Reed thought he knew but just couldn’t put his finger on I? We learn in this issue that he’s Doom son, and Doom is going to turn over the keys to the kingdom to him. By this point, the kid has no name so I’ll just call him Doom Jr.

Doom is all smiles then notices that Reed’s ship has blown up. Thinking Reed dead, Doom is mad. Well, not because Reed got hurt by more like he wanted to be the one to end Reed’s life. Hey, he may not have completed school to get his degree to be a legit doctor but at least he wants to see it through with his plan to kill Reed Richards. That and get those last few college credits. But one thing at a time, folks. The story ends with Nick Fury (Not the black one.) picking him up from where his escape pod landed. Nick is glad to lend a hand but Reed is pretty pissed off. I guess, I could feel where he’s coming from. But only a bit. Reed then tells Nick he needs his old school Pogo Plane and he’s out for blood on Doom. Sneak attack time. We’ll see how this all goes down in a few days when I come back with the rant for Fantastic Four #198, so stay tuned and as Doug Moench used to say “Be Good.”

-Tash Moore

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