Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #198

Fantastic Four #198
Written By Marv Wolfman
Penciled By Keith Pollard
Inked By Joe Sinnott
Colored By J. Cohen

Invasion! Tash Moore here and I’m bringing back to some classic ass Bronze Age Marvel! With Sue, Johnny and Ben being held by Dr. Doom in his castle, Reed is on his way to the rescue. Reed gets his old school POGO plane from S.H.E.I.L.D. Because it’s just about the only plane that could get low enough not to be detected by Dr. Doom. Hey, it was the 1970’s so this really was the best damn plane they  had. Or something like that. So Reed has made his way into Doom’s country but then makes the stupid mistake of trying to disable one of Doom’s sentry bots and gets blown up and sent into a small lake. But Reed gets rescued by a dude named Zorba! No not Zebra, but Zorba. He’s the leader of the Freedom Fighters to take Doom down. He’s also got a wicked eye, a gift from Doom, from when Doom was experimenting on him.

Dr. Doom has the remaining members of the FF in his castle and his son, Dr. Doom Jr. walks into the room. Doom is pretty much convened that Reed Richards is dead. But his plan is use this new machine to take away the powers of the FF and give them to his son. Which is a pretty cool gift if you ask me. Daddy Doom also has been hit with a law in his country that says he has only a few days to give up the Throne to a person of his choosing. So it makes total sense that he’d had not only the Throne but also the powers of the Fantastic Four to his baby boy. Give Doom the award for Father of the Year.

Reed and Zorba invade Doom’s castle thanks to the ramped up powers that Reed now has.  Reed also finds the Nazi doctor who’s always sniffling around Doom. Turns out he’s also Zorba’s brother, but he’s way too much of a sissy to fight back. But now that he’s got Reed and Zorba, now he’s got a backbone. I’d never trust a guy like that. He’d turn on you in a heartbeat. So Reed and Zorba send the good Doctor to speak to Doom and Doom uses some gas to take him down. Because hey, it looks like the Nazi Doctor but it’s really Mr. Fantastic, Reed Richards. Doom notices this right off the bat and has like a 50/50 moment.

Doom is all like “Damn, Richards, why are you still alive to vex me?!?!” But then he’s all like “Well, at least you are alive……so that I may kill you myself, and finish up my taxes.” But now that I think about it, he probably has an accountant who does that for him. I bet he doesn’t even have to pay the guy. He more or less, just tosses the guy into his moat when taxes are completed. “Doom has no time for Audits!” Somehow I found this funny. I bet I’m the only one. Well, back to Reed and Doom.

Reed is knocked out and then placed into a tank with Sue, Johnny and Ben and Doom begins his machine. The very machine that will still the Fantastic Fours’ powers and transfer them over to Dr. Doom Jr. I wonder if that will be his official name going forward. I’m pretty sure that would look really awesome on a Driver’s Licence. We’ll we get left here with the cliffhanger and the ending should be right around the corner with this story. If I’m right Doom with left the FF go so he can feed them tea and cookies. The tea would make them all sick. He can’t really kill Reed and crew, he knows the Fantastic Four are where he makes his money. Doom needs his royalty checks. Doom needs new shoes.

-Tash Moore

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