Thursday, December 4, 2014

Comics Rant: Robin #1

Robin #1
Written By Chuck Dixon
Pencils By Tom Lyle
Inks By Bob Smith
Colors By Adrienne Roy

With this #1 it was real. Robin, the guy who had been Batman’s sidekick since the 1940’s had never gotten his own book. With Tim Drake now firmly at the helm, he got his own Mini-Series back in the early 1990’s. This was a big deal. With Jason Todd dead (for the time being.) Tim had been written so well that he got over with the fans and they wanted to see him succeed. So after the events of the last three Batman rants, Tim gets the nod from Bruce to become the third Robin. Sans little green shorts. So Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle, who is also one of my favorite Spider-Man artist too, bring us the tale of how little Tim Drake became the boy wonder.

In the bat cave, Tim starts to have second thoughts about being Robin. What this really is, is that just the transition of writing between Batman writer Alan Grant and new mini series writer Chuck Dixon.  Bruce puts Tim at ease and tells him that there’s no one he’d want with him more when the bullets start flying and crazy people try to kill him. Hmm, if I were Tim Drake I’d run screaming out of Wayne Manor. Truth be told I did and still do have a soft spot for the new Robin uniform. I’m also a kid who liked 1990’s Superboy. What can I say? I was THAT kid! I can’t help it. I tend to like crappy stuff. WTF.

So Batman is all like, “You can’t just put on tights and start kicking ass, you need training.” So Bruce makes Tim pack his bags and sends him to learn “empty hand” fighting from an old master in France. When Tim gets there, the old master lives with his grandson. During the day the master who is like a billion years old teaches Tim how to heal the body with his technique. The grandson teaches Tim how to fight. Well, not really fight, more like he beats up Tim.

Wait, I almost forgot to mention the sub plot. Lady Shivia is in Japan and she goes to see this guy who is supposed to be on of the best fighters in the world. Now for those who don’t know, Shivia loves to travel the world and fight the best fighters to see how she measures up. Hell, she’s even showed up in Gotham to fight Batman from time to time. So when she see’s the guy she comes to fight he’s all beaten up. And by beaten up, I mean this dude has pretty much been beaten within an inch of his life. Sucks for him. So Shivia wants to know who beat him so she can try to beat that guy. Don’t get confused, gang. It’ll get sorted out soon.

King Snake is the man responsible, and he strikes from the dark, which makes him so deadly. So naturally, Shivia rushes off to find him. Back to our main story, Tim decides to hit the town instead of getting his ass kicked. Which makes sense to me. You got to relax every once in awhile. So this young girl starts to chat up Tim and wants to know about the United States. But her boyfriend shows up and pushes Tim out of the way and snatches his woman up saying that they had work to do. Tim, being a nosey goober that he is (Batman would be proud.) thinks that she could be in some trouble and runs to get his Robin costume. Robin follows them to a warehouse when the gang is beating up a black fellow and Robin decides to even the odds and the guy introduces himself as Clyde Rawlins. You all know what happens next. TEAM UP!

SO it’s Robin and Clyde vs. the bad guys. While Shivia watches from the shadows. Say what now? This could end real bad, real quick. Come back soon to find out how Robin gets out of this and makes a friend. If you save a guy's life, that’s bound to happen. Am I right, people? You know this.

-Tash Moore

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