Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Comics Rant: Robin #2

Robin #2
Written By Chuck Dixon
Pencils By Tom Lyle
Inks By Bob Smith
Colors By Adrienne Roy

The Robin Mini Series continues! Well I mean that would pretty much make tons of sense because they need to get five issues out of this thing. It’s not like they can do a Marvel move and have most of the story play out in two issues. Then leave the last three for filler. *Cough, Bendis’ Avengers run, Cough*.
Anyway, Robin and his new friend that he rescued, Clyde Rowlins, beat up on the Ghost Dragons then split. This is before the Dragons can go back and get back up. Good for you, Tim Drake. That’s clearly not your hill to die on. Clearly. So the beating that Clyde took from the Dragons, before Robin showed up, has taken it’s toll and he outright collapses.

Lynx, the girl who Robin thought he was saving from the Ghost Dragons, is really in fact a part of the group.
They go meet their boss, the King Snake, Sir Edmund Dorrunce. He may be blind, but as a fighter he’s a total ass kicker. Don’t think so? He was so awesome (and deadly) that DC editorial retconned him to be Bane’s legit dad. Yup, like I said, he kicks ass. Speaking of the King Snake, the CIA and Interpol hire Henry Ducard, to kill him. Turns out in Hong Kong, Sir Edmund is a great business man. But his main business is selling drugs all around the world. It was the 1990’s so everyone was all like “Just say No.” So dead is how the CIA wants him. Ducard is the man chosen for the task.

Clyde awakes to Robin tending to his wounds in a fancy ass hotel. Looks like Robin is running around France with Bruce’s gold card. Being rich totally comes in handy. Clyde is still banged up, but wants to know who Robin is and what he’s doing in France. Robin was thinking the same thing but then Lady Shiva enters the room from a window. Since King Snake has eyes just about everywhere, they know that Robin and Clyde are staying at this fancy ass hotel. Shiva gives them the heads up and tells them to make a break for it because the Ghost Dragons are heading up to the room with machine guns!

Running from gun shots and bad English spoken by the Ghost Dragons, Shiva departs to parts unknown for the rest of the issue. Robin and Clyde grab a stolen car and head out to the country in a rented cottage. Jezz, Tim, what a way to keep a low profile. He might as well check into foursquare as soon as he got to the hideout. Wait, it was the early 1990’s. So there was no foursquare. So I wonder what Tim would have used. AOL? Maybe. And no, this was not a chance to write filler to pad out this rant. Not at all. No way. Never. Ahem. Moving on. I’ll never know how Robin got a signal out in the middle of French nowhere, but he uses his computer to get all the info on Clyde. Okay, I call bullshit. This was clearly written in the period where no on really knew what the hell the Internet was. Shit, most people didn’t even have the net at this point really. Not, even a highly paid writer like Chuck Dixon, who was most likely still using a fucking typewriter to hammer out scripts. #old school

Well Robin tells Clyde, and in turn, us the reader the 411 on Clyde. He’s your typical DEA (Drug Enforcement Agent.) He tried to bring down Sir Edmund's drug ring and since Sir Edmund has connections in high places, the charges get dropped. Then it’s the same old song and dance of Clyde’s wife and kids being killed and now Clyde is out for blood. First Blood. Hopefully when he gets to go up to battle Sir Edmund he does the whole Bloodsport Jean Claude flying kick where he stays still in the air for upwards of twenty minutes then fails to touch his opponent. Hey, I know I wouldn’t just stand there while a guy was coming at me in slow speed trying to kick my ass.

So since Robin isn’t learning to fight from the old French master, Clyde decides that he’ll teach Robin. Tim’s a quick learner, but Lady Shiva finds them. She knows Tim is Batman’s sidekick, (he’d prefer partner) and also decides to help in his training. This is starting to come off like an old kung fu flick. I’m good with this issue. Action with Tim and Clyde on the run. We get a little more on the bad guy and his motives. We get taken to the French countryside. I mean really, what more could you ask for? Don’t forget to check out the super sweet Brian Bolland cover. Until next week, be good.

-Tash Moore

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