Friday, December 19, 2014

Comics Rant: Robin #3

Robin #3
Written By Chuck Dixon
Penciled By Tom Lyle
Inked By Bob Smith
Colored By Adrienne Roy

Robin’s first solo series with Tim Drake at the helm comes off as pretty much a James Bond film. If I ever get the chance I’ll have to ask Chuck Dixon if that’s what he was going for when wrote this mini series. So Tim is getting training from his former DEA friend now turned Vigilante Clyde Rowlins and Lady Shiva. Both have their own plans as to what they want from the King Snake. The King Snake had Clyde’s family killed and Shiva just wants to fight him to prove how awesome she. Hey, it’s good to have goals. Even if it’s putting your life on the line just to see who’s the best fighter. Me? I’d rather play Street Fighter 2. The only thing injured from that are my thumbs. (Button Mash! FTW!)

Using the power of pre wifi Internet (how did people survive back then)
Robin, Clyde and Shiva track billing sheets to King Snakes legit Hong Kong company and learn that he’s looking for an old Nazi bomb shelter that contains a deadly weapon from World War Two. Damn. Just how many Nazi weapons still laying around Europe after the war? I mean, it seems no matter where you look, in just about any form of media, there’s some strange ass weapon of great power still out there. Oh, those Nazi’s, they sure were clever. Well, except that whole lets win the war thing. They totally sucked at that. Fuck ‘em.

Robin and crew find the hidden Nazi bunker. They run right into the Ghost Dragon who are in the act of stealing the weapon which is bottled up in three giant container barrels. Lynnx, who King Snake has put in charge of the Ghost Dragons, runs into Robin. Robin is still new to this whole hero thing and things he has to save her yet again. Not to mention he seems to have a bit of a crush on her as Clyde pointed out in issue two.

So Lynxx is there. And what does she do? Why kick the ever loving crap out of the boy not yet there wonder. But before he’s killed Clyde runs in with a machine gun and send the Ghost Dragons running. Much like my cat randy when he hears me messing with a plastic bag. So it’s proven plastic bags and machine fire pretty much sound the same. Take that, Popular Machanics. In yo, face!

In Rome, the King Snake buys a giant water tower. He throws twelve million bucks at the owner. When the owner refuses, King Snake tells him to either take the money or have his whole family killed. The old man owner takes the cash, as the King Snake explains that greed or fear can make a man change his mind. Good point. An engineer ask King Snake what he wants done with said tower. It’s to be taken apart and sent to Hong Kong. Not to be taken lightly, King Snake tells the engineer that if this tower doesn’t show up back in Hong Kong and is not still in working order, the engineer will sleep with the fishes. Or dead. Take your pick on which term you like more.

Robin, Shiva and Clyde force the Ghost Dragons to make a quick exit, but out of the three canisters, they only steal two. Robin and crew used fire to burn the drum to kill whatever is in there. After reading the notes found in the lab, Robin learns just what’s inside those canisters. It’s the Black Plague, weaponized. Crap! This is clearly bad. Robin and the gang decides to follow up to stop King Snake to Hong Kong to stop him. Hey, Robin, why don’t you just, I don’t know? Call Batman! Meh, he’s probably enjoying having some free time to himself. So Robin continues to hop with the jet set and you’ll find out what goes down with the next rant. Stick around, there’s an ending here. Plus pop tarts. Not for you! That guy, right there. Yes, him. Glad we got that settled.

-Tash Moore

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