Sunday, December 28, 2014

Comics Rant: Robin #4

Robin #4
Written By Chuck Dixon
Pencils By Tom Lyle
Inks By Bob Smith
Colors By Adrienne Roy

Tim Drake’s adventures as Robin, or should I say Misadventures continue in his very own mini series.  Tim, Clyde (his DEA pal from the first issue) and Lady Shiva are on their way to Hong Kong to stop the King Snake and his gang, The Ghost Dragon from spreading a Nazi super plague to Hong Kong. This issue we learn that King Snake wants to poison Hong Kong because the British are giving it back to China. Yeah, I know. This plot is pretty much dated but it was really daring for it’s time. Especially DC Comics. I mean lets be honest. DC was known to stay away from real world problems. I mean, hey did make up their own cities. This is a practice that continued when even Nightwing got his own book and city. Bludhaven, anyone?

So Robin and crew hit Hong Kong
and find some Ghost Dragons on the street. Robin is so green that he can’t get a location of where the plague is going to be picked up by King Snake. So he turns it over to Lady Shiva, who beats the information out of the young Ghost Dragon. She’s like a female Batman. He gives up the goods. Back at King Snakes fancy ass company tower and drinks tea. He gets the info from his third in command, Lynxx, that the plague is in Hong Kong from him. King Snake asks if Robin is dead. Snake knows that Robin is close with Batman and Batman is NOT what he needs all up in his dealings.

Lynxx says that she didn’t get that job done. But at least she got his crate with the plague he wanted to his as promised. You think that’d be good enough for him, but no! This guy want’s more. DC Comics bad guys, always wanting more. He thanks Lynnx, for getting the plague but she needs to be punished for failing to kill Robin. I wonder if he called Frank Castle to handle the job. See what I just did there? Frank Castle? Punisher, Punished? You get it. I sure hope so. Anyway, he leaves it to his servant Bobo, who beats up on Lynxx.

Lady Shiva learns what the King Snake plans to do with his new giant water system and plague. It’ll be sent out via the stolen water duct. Okay, it wasn’t really stolen, he paid for if with criminal means. So it’ll be off to King Snake’s Hong Kong tower to stop the bad guys. But first, Shiva wants to train Robin a little bit more, feeling he isn’t quite up to the task just yet. They train and Robin gets just good enough to land one hit on Lady Shiva. Good for him. She lets him know that next time she’s not going to go easy on him, and take him on full force. Robin then tugs at his cape, Jerry Lewis style. Clyde, Shiva and Robin gear up to go to King Snake tower and take him down. Well, hey, he is the villain here. Makes sense to me. I’ll be back with the final issue to see if Robin takes the next step to being the hero Gotham needs. Or well, just a really good sidekick. We’ll see if Robin can make Batman proud. So be here as plagues try to go free, Shiva wants to fight and Clyde just wants to sit down. His feet must be killing him. It’ll fun. Or at the very least tiring. Just go ask Clyde.

-Tash Moore

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