Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Invincible #115

Invincible #115
written by Robert Kirkman
art by Ryan Ottley

Well, we hadn't seen Battle Beast in quite some time, but that's how it goes in the Invincible Universe. There are so many characters within it so the characters can come and go whenever the plot needs them. I don't have a problem with that. I like it much better than the other option that some writers use in which they try to stuff a huge amount of characters and subplots into a single issue and the story becomes messy and confusing. There's no Invincible and Atom Eve in this issue at all. It's all about Battle Beast and his big fight with Thragg, the "leader" of the Viltrumites.

Thragg, the one-time leader of the Viltrumites. Thragg, the guy who ripped a lot of characters to shreds including at one point Battle Beast... In case you forgot.

So, that's pretty much all there is to that. The issue starts off with a short love scene that speaks about Battle Beast's temperament. Right after, Battle Beast gets the call about Thragg's location, so he heads off to face him. The dynamic of the fight changes quite a bit as more characters get thrown into it. Battle Beast cares about courage and honor. Because of the many expendable characters that get thrown into the fight, the fight seems like a joke to him. He wants a fight one on one with Thragg, with the two of them, equals (in his eyes), going all out with each other.

I think the creative team on Invincible always know how to show a good fight scene. The character's moves are dynamic and the pacing is good. The level of gore is what makes them stand out too. This isn't an emotionally intense issue. It's really all about this fight scene. But it's great to see just a fight scene sometimes when the characters are otherwise dealing with a lot of heavy problems in terms of moral, family, etc. obligations. This issue ends with a glimpse as to what Thragg has been up to when the plot had been focusing on other characters in other issues. I'm not going to spoil it too much, but just say that it looked crazy. Thinking back on it, the issue comes full circle to the way it began, which is cool.

Invincible #115 is definitely a fun and colorful read. That's why it's my Pick of the Week.
-O. Pelaez

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