Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Scarlet Spiders #2

Scarlet Spiders #2
Written By Mike Costa
Art By Paco Diaz
Colors By Israel Silva

Send in the clones. What can I say. I’m a sucker for a story with Spider-Clones. If you’ve been living under a rock, Spider-Verse is in full swing. It’s got every Spider-Man ever. That’s right, EVER! And they all get to fight Morlun and his crazy ass family. Yeah, there’s a family now. Leave it to Dan Slott and crew to take a crappy JMS yarn and weave a tale that’ll make you WANT to pay $4.99 to read this tale. Gladly. So this is pretty much a cash grab mini series that ties into the main tale running through Amazing Spider-Man. It’s a pretty good story but this tale has Ben Reilly (who’s Spider-Man in his world, and that’s the way I likes it), Jessica Drew (who’s the Spider Clone from the Ultimate Universe), and Kaine (who’s the new Scarlet Spider in the 616 Universe).

The Clones team up and are sent to the home world of Jennix. He’s brother to Morlun and he’s the reason why when you kill Morlun and his crew they just seem to keep coming back to life. Why, you might ask? They have clone bodies. When one of them dies, they just have their memories implanted in a clone and then just go on their way killing Spider-Men. Hey, it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.  So on Jennix’s world Iron Man and most of the heroes of that Marvel U. have pretty much fallen in line with Jennix and his family.

The Spiders three take out Iron Man and steal his armor. They try to sneak into Jennix’s compound to find out the secret of Morlun and his family. It’s a pretty good plan with Ben wearing Iron Man’s suit and walking right into the front door. This is pretty much the hidden in plan sight method. Then Johnny Storm shows up and he’s rocking the worst fucking hair cut since Tony Stark got a perm in the 1980’s. It’s bad folks. We are talking some Devo type shit here. I legit had to rub my eyes to make sure that somehow, reading this comic book didn’t make me fall into a black hole and arrive in the mid 1990’s where every hero seemed to be ANTI and have a fucking pony tale and five o’clock shadow. Good lord, man!

The Spider-Clones kick Johnny’s butt, cuz in this universe he’s a slave working for Jennix. Good for him. Johnny finally got his life together. Sure, he may be a bad guy now, but at least he’s got a 401k. He’s a bad guy who can retire at 59 ½. Seeing as that's almost as how long as he’s been in publication he might be able to collect on that 401k pretty soon.

Hey, speaking of clones, Miles Warren aka the Jackal is here, too. Well, he’s pretty much a neutered dog working for Jennix. No word if Miles gets a retirement package like Johnny Storm. Miles runs into the Spider-trio and they take him and he decides to help them bring down Jennix. But what they run into freaks everyone out. It’s a giant lab that has a ton of cloned Spider-Men but with different alterations. One is mixed with a werewolf and there’s even one with twelve freaking arms. It’s crazy to look at to be honest.  But guess what, SWERVE. Miles leads them into a trap right into the hands of……J. Jonah, wait I mean Jennix. Yeah, that’s what meant. This was a fun comic and I was just happy as a pig in shit to see Ben and his snazzy 90’s outfit in 2014. What can I say? He’s still my favorite ever!!!!!!! I think I got my point across. Good stuff and I really like the art Paco Diaz did a good job with the art. It’s cartoony, but not over the top where Spidey’s legs are flying all over the place. My thumbs…are up.

-Tash Moore

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