Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tash's Pick of the Week: Superman #36

Superman #36
Written By Geoff Johns
Pencils By John Romita, Jr.
Inks By Klaus Janson
Colors By Laura Martin

It’s my turn for the pick of the week as you probably heard on the pod cast. And if you aren’t listening to The Verbal Mosh pod cast, what’s wrong with you? It’s funny. So go check it out. So as you can clearly tell I’m going with Superman #36. It’s pretty much the best damn thing I’ve read this week. So as you can see, it’s my pick of the week. Hence, it was the best book. Of the week. Yeah, you get the picture. Pick of the Week. You get it. Anyway, this is the next chapter to the whole Ulysses saga.

Pretty much picture the reverse Superman story. Parents who work for the U.S. Government think that the end of the planet is coming. (Thanks Cold War.) Send only child off to other dimension that they discovered while working for Uncle Sam. Son becomes adopted Superhuman being of other dimension. Son returns to Earth and then doesn’t like what he sees. You know. All very normal everyday things that can happen to people. You know, if you happen to live in the DC Universe. What I really came to like is that Ulysses wants to help us lowly humans. He really does. He talks about the Fourth Dimension like it’s a paradise. Where everything is awesome. (Cue song.)

So Ulysses tells Superman that since they have the power, they can fix the planet. Big Blue tries to tell Ulysses that that’s not how things go here on our planet and he has to get used to that idea. Guys like Superman and Ulysses can help where they can, but you can’t save everyone and it’s best to just go ahead and stick to the status quo. Well you know Ulysses ain’t having none of all that. Ulysses is intent on saving us from ourselves and comes up with a pretty good plan. In his mind, might I add.

So instead of just doing what most bad guys who are a part of the Superman mythos would do (Which is try to take over the world.) Ulysses decides that he's going to do his best to help the human race. He offers humans the chance to go back to his home world in the fourth dimension. But hey, this ain’t no free ride here. He can't have everyone on Earth with him. Ulysses broadcasts on all media (Even podomatic?) and says people can have safety and security on his home world but………..he can only take the first six million. If you can’t do it for all, don’t do it at all.

Ulysses thinks that this is somehow a good idea and people line up to the fourth dimension gateways, and then what happens? What always happens when humans are in a wide open place and have too much free time. They riot. Yup. We just can’t help it. People standing around. Then hey, let’s riot. Sounds about right to me. So yeah, rioting breaks out. What a way to NOT uphold the public safety. (Jerk.) So Superman flies to Ulysses telling him that he can’t do this and he won’t let him. Ulysses then kicks the shit out of Superman. What a way to let your guard down, dude.

Also some creepy aliens come from the fourth dimension and now it’s just odd. What’s Ulysses real plan? Does his parents here on Earth know what this is all about? All these questions answered next month in Superman #37. Plus did anyone get a great look at the cover?  It’s pretty damn cool looking. It’s everything you’d want in a cover. It makes you walk pass the book and go “Just what the hell is going on in Superman, now?” Then said fan boy buys the book and might get hooked. I mean, that’s what comic covers are supposed to do. Only the SUPER talent of JRJR could bring a cover like that to modern comics. Take a lesson from this guy, modern comic book artist. You could learn a lot from this guy. He’s a master. Who learned from a King. Works for me. Check out The Verbal Mosh pod cast to see how this story ends. That’s it for me. I’m off to get coffee.

-Tash Moore

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