Thursday, January 15, 2015

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #201

Fantastic Four #201
Written By Marv Wolfman
Pencils By Keith Pollard
Inks By Joe Sinnott
Colors By F. Mouly

Tash Moore, here and boy am I ready to get into this new rant of Fantastic Four. I mean, from what I’ve heard lately, Fox is having a crap time with the new FF movie. Word is, that Fox is spending tons of capital for rebuild sets and re-shoot parts of the film. Plus we also have Marvel getting ready to give the book the ax, so I like to pine for the good old days of Marvel’s First Family. It’s the bronze age of comics and Marv Wolfman is still the writer and the editor of this book. So he’s pulling double duty. Which means sending his script to himself then giving himself the thumbs up while standing in the Marvel offices Bathroom. I bet that happen. Or at least I hope it did.

So the holdover from last issue, where Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben are still in Latveria. Since getting rid of Dr.Doom last month, if you didn’t read my last rant, then shame on you. Go check out it. It’s great. (Shameless plug.)
Dr. Doom is going and they give Zroba the crown to the nation, but he says he won’t keep it for long. Zorba is allowing people to for political parties and will hold free elections in the coming month. No word on if George W. Bush will run in looking for weapons then just saying “Fuck it!” and using the US military to occupy the nation. Hey, it’s happened before. You just forgot.

With the country finally from the Fantastic Four jump in their pogo plane and head back to the good ol’ US of A. Back home Reed and the gang rent out the top of the Baxter Building. Hell, they even get to barter the rent down to a cheaper price. Seeing as how the owner can’t seem to find anyone who’d want to rent the place other than the Fantastic Four. Turns out normal people would be worried that Dr. Doom, when and if he’d come for his revenge (and I know he will) the first place they’d look is…..yeah, you guessed it. The Baxter Building. I mean , it makes sense to me. I mean, when Reed and the other members of the FF beat the bad guy of the month, they can’t help but tell them to look them up at said building. Hey, it saves gas on the heroes having to come to the villains. Oh, that Reed. He’s ever the trendsetter.

Reed Richards makes a phone call to Nick Fury and in no time flat, the Baxter Building is full of SHEILD agents bringing all the stuff that Nick kept safe for them. So within a days time the Baxter Building is just like it used to be.  But as Reed is working in his lab, a specimen from the Negative Zone breaks free from its containment pod. It’s a funky looking green amoeba and it engulfs Reed to the point of total paralysis. But then this is where to story takes a turn for the worst. The Building, thanks to the weapons system created by Reed start attacking the other members of the Fantastic Four.  Flame retardant foam attacks Johnny, lasers attack Sue and giants magnets chase Ben from room to room. It’s amusing to see Ben run from room to room with legit terror one his face. Keith Pollard does a fantastic (pun intended) job of page by page progression here.

Reed wakes up (where’d the amoeba go?) and tell Johnny through his radio belt that they have to crawl into the Baxter Buildings duct work and shut down the main computer. Johnny tries this but as most young people, he fails miserably. Next up is Sue who uses her force fields to guide her down to the computer quick and easily.  Will the computer taken offline by Sue, Thing pushes Reed to keep the FF going. Reed figures that Ben is right and to use their powers to NOT help the human race would be totally wrong and stuff. Okay art but strange story. What the fuck happen to the amoeba? Why’d the building go all crazy on the Fantastic Four? All these things to be answered next time? I sure as hell hope so?

-Tash Moore

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