Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #135

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

The last issue left off with Carl bringing a wounded Sophia to the front gates to meet Maggie and tell them everything that happened. How those two boys attacked them and Carl fought back, but with a shovel. He may have really hurt those kids more than he should've. Everything's happening all at once and its very chaotic. Jesus finally came back as well bringing with him a walker, or at least what looks like one. Its actually a person inside walker flesh. She says it her group's way of getting around the walkers without them noticing fresh meat. It also explains how some people thought the walkers could talk at well, since it was only the humans on the inside of the walker flesh. There's just a lot going on here and not enough time to process it all, so Sophia gets taken to the doctor and Jesus takes his walker friend to go get cleaned up. Carl meets up with the doctors at the Hilltop's hospital type place and luckily Sophia is going to be okay. Unfortunately for Carl, they found the bodies of the two boys and they're not looking good, they're barely alive. The parents of these two kids think that Sophia attacked them and they were defending themselves out of fear. Now, I'm no expert when it comes to child behaviors...but that's just stupid and isn't convincing anyone, especially Maggie, leader of the Hilltop. At the same time, she can't be so lenient on Carl just because she's spent time with him and his family before the Hilltop, she's in a serious pickle.

Jesus works on his interrogation of what we learn is this poor little girl inside the walker flesh. She tells Jesus that in her group they believe all that's left in the world is coexistence with the walkers and nothing else. Their attitude is learn or die, and if that shit don't shake your boots then there ain't a snake in it. Anyone else?...Toy Story?...Anyone? Meanwhile back at the hospital, the parents of the attacked boys continue badgering Maggie. Saying they want compensation for what has happened to their sons, just then Carl finally steps forward and tells the father that if they want an apology, they can go fuck themselves. Finally! Carl Grimes is becoming a badass as a young adult. He's old enough the know how the world works and just young enough to not go full Punisher mode on everyone. Maggie is forced to take Carl away from the situation before it escalates anymore and she leads him to their prison area, where Jesus is interrogating this young 16 year old walker flesh wearing girl. She's forced to lock him up for a little while, telling him that what he did goes against everything her and his father have been fighting so long to have. People should be punished for their wrong doings, yes, but they shouldn't always be killed and there's where Carl went wrong. Maggie sees the mask Jesus is holding and yanks him away from the girl, she's put some pieces of a larger puzzle together and takes Jesus away from the girl to fill him in.

In the silence, the girl begins talking to Carl. She tells him her name, Lydia and he tells her his. Back at the trailer of the parents of the boys who were attacked, the father is up and at it again. Yelling, ranting, cursing out Maggie and all. Things have gone on too long, other members of the group notice Dante's group hasn't come back yet and that's because they're dead, but no one has any answers. One man has an idea however. A man who was recently yelled at by Maggie. A man who is probably a bit more than pissed off at her and her ways, Gregory. He offers the idea of killing her, and with that, this issue comes to a close. 

Lately this book has been getting back on top to where it used to be. Having a lot of fun reading this book and seeing all the great stories that are building up. Things seem too good to be true for all societies involved in this book and finally they're starting to crack around them. I think I'm just glad to be getting an extended breather away from Rick although that's going to be great to see when he finally comes back and inevitably loses his absolute shit again. But fear not readers, I'll be here to get the sticky to you all who've read it with me or not. Until next time!

-Matt Milanes

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