Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Comics Rant: Walking Dead #136

Written by: Robert Kirkman
Art by: Charlie Adlard

    Last time we left this book, Gregory, the old leader of The Hilltop and the parents of the boys who Carl almost killed were deciding on ways to deal with what's been going on. They feel like Maggie is going to give Carl a break because they've known each other prior to The Hilltop. Gregory made the suggestion that they kill Maggie, and not this issue begins. The people don't really take well to that, a shocking realization for Gregory who was just listening to them complain and ask for an answer. Well, here it is folks! Meanwhile, Jesus and Maggie are questioning Marco, brother of Ken who he left out in the wild and who heard the walkers talking. Which we now know are just people in walker skins. They break the news to him that he isn't crazy and tell him about the people in suits which is certainly confusing but I'm sure was incredibly satisfying to know one isn't crazy. Also, on the other side of the town, Carl is chatting it up with the girl Jesus captured. He's telling her how he understands why he's being punished and how they operate on The Hilltop, no killing. He tells her that when she answers for her crimes, she most likely will not be killed because it is not how thinks work now in this new society. She trusts Carl, but let's him know that she's scared for the outcome.

    Sophia finally wakes up and Maggie needs to get her side of the story to finally have everyone's side. After she tells her, she goes into the room where the two boys are still unconscious and tells them that she can't wait until they wake up. Obviously so they can be punished accordingly. Everything seems to finally be getting some stability, as the man Jesus brought back seems to be making a slow but confirmed recovery. Apparently, Jesus and the doctor have some kind of romantic relationship behind the doctor's significant other's back. Yep, there's gay affairs going on in the apocalypse. Later on, Maggie finally releases Carl letting him know that he's not off completely yet, he's going to need counseling or something to help him and his anger. He even tries to convince her to take it easier on the girl, little do they know, her group has been stalking The Hilltop. They're coming to retrieve their group member. Meanwhile, back at Alexandria, Andrea and Magna seem to be getting long much better than before. Magna is very curious about Eugene, who's been going through some stuff lately. Rosita being pregnant and the baby not being his, the fact that she may not even want to be with him, its just been a lot. All of that gets sent to the backseat however once Rick finally arrives back from The Hilltop. All is good and well in Alexandria. Back at The Hilltop, Carl is still working under his apprenticeship and isn't being punished too harshly for it. Say, his boss is a pretty swell guy, ain't he?!

    Back at Gregory's, the parents of the boys are deciding how to handle Maggie. They propose to Gregory that he has to be the one to kill Maggie, but that he'll also have to take out Carl with her. They figure if Maggie dies, Carl will link the chains and lash out, rightfully so. So to save themselves, they need to take both of them out. This issue ends with another conversation between Carl and the girl from the outside group. We see Carl opening up to her about some of his experiences, getting shot before Hershel's house, losing his eye. He's beginning to trust her, he's even trusted her enough to give her his hat. Correction, his father's hat. The sheriff's hat. Things just got real dangerous. Find out what happens next in about a month! Can Kirkman keep up the suspense or will the book fall to the dumps yet again?! Until next time!

-Matt Milanes

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