Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tash's Pick of the Week: Silver Surfer #8

Tash’ Pick of the Week: Silver Surfer #8
Story & Art By Dan Slott & Michael Allred
Colors By Laura Allred

By Jack Kirby’s pencils! Tash Moore here, and I get to bring you my rant which is also my pick of the week this week. So if you’ve been living in a cave, I hope it’s clean, I’m going with Silver Surfer #8. My hat (I only have one.) to Dan Slott and Michael (give me a royalty check) Allred have done a bang up job here with the space rider of the space ways. Slott and Allred give us a pretty much new take on the Silver Surfer. I mean, they could have just totally opted to do the whole Stan Lee “I’m the Silver Surfer and everything I care about is gone slash I’ve got blood on my hands, boo hoo hoo!” That just about every writer has done but they opt for a more comical route. Smart.

So this issue starts off on a planet called Newhaven where the inhabitants are have a funeral. It’s a funeral for a
member of the planet named Wegga Lo-Lo and no I’m not making this stuff up. Naturally, everyone is sad at his passing, but everyone did love him. The Aliens seem pretty much okay with life on Newhaven, which is totally a 180 from what I’ve been lead to believe if ALIEN and ALIENS have taught me anything. So yeah, the aliens are pretty cool people. But in the mighty marvel fashion (That you soon won’t remember if Joe Quesada and the money grabbers over at Disney/Marvel have anything to say about it, Secret War, FTW!) this is where the drama kicks in.

So Dawn Greenwood and Silver Surfer are just floating around the galaxy. You know, pretty much like they have since issue 1. So as a treat Surfer lets Dawn drive Toomie, which is the name she’s given his surfboard. Hey, I mean the name kind of fits. He’s always calling the board “To me.” You know you were all thinking it. Dan Slott just got paid a whole lot of money to say it. Yup. So with Dawn at the helm they crash on the planet of Newhaven. It’s just then and there that I noticed that a pretty good deal of the aliens on the planet don’t look all that much alike. Indicating that they aren’t all the same type of aliens. Funky.

So on the planet the Surfer silvers down and takes a stroll around Dawn. They meet the inhabitants of the planet. Things seems to be going swimmingly, then boom, the shit hit’s the fan. Everyone notices that Norrin is the freaking Silver Surfer, a herald of the great and purple Galactus. It’s on now, because Surfer kind of kept that part of his life from Dawn. I mean,  if I caused the complete and utter death of countless beings, that’s kind of the part I’d leave out of my back story.

Dawn: “Oh, Norrin, I love you so much!”
Silver Surfer: “Me, Too! Let’s get married, BTW I totally killed lots of innocent men, women and children to service to my lord and master…….say, you want pancakes?”

You can pretty much bet that this revelation went over with Dawn like a damn lead balloon. You know, the ones they hand out to slow children. Ahem. So Dawn freaks out and tells the Silver Surfer that she hates him and he needs to get the hell away from her. Good thinking, Dawn. No telling when he’ll throw you to the Big G when he needs to save his own silver ass. But they did omit that he help the Fantastic Four save the whole human race waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy back in the Galactus trilogy.  (Trilogy’s having been invented by Jack Kirby that very week, so I’m told. )

The Silver Surfer is hurt and Dawn can’t believe he’s a bad person. Hey, people can change. Wait, but the twist is that Galactus has followed the Silver Surfer’s trail to Newhaven. Who knows if he’s hungry, things look pretty bad. This was a great issue to read. In the might marvel manner it had action, romance and Silver coated dudes questioning his whole place in the (Marvel) Universe. Stan and Jack would be proud. But only Stan would get paid. Zing!

-Tash Moore

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