Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Comics Rant: Fantastic Four #203

Fantastic Four #203
Written By Marv Wolfman
Pencils By Keith Pollard
Inks By Joe Sinnott
Colors By G. Wein

Would you take me to funky town? That’s pretty much what was going down in this flashback issue of the Fantastic Four. Tash Moore here, and I know that this is late but hey, better late then never. Or ever. Whatever. I read this issue and pretty much figured that we would have a one off tale and it was pretty much that but it was still fun to read.

As the issue begins the FF are hanging around the Baxter Building. Which makes total sense because it’s their home. Makes sense to me. Reed is creating a new device that absorbs radiation. Somehow I have this funny feeling that this will somehow play a part of this tale. Oh you all were all thinking it. I just said it. Or typed it. Or whatever.  Ben just wants an issue off to relax and bowl. Reed just wants to work and well, that’s pretty much it.

Reed shuts down the whole bowling thing down. Doesn’t Reed know that all work and no play makes you a total weirdo? Our tale takes us to another locale and to little Willie Evans Jr. Little Willie is giving off large amounts of radiation and the doctors as well as his parents to what’s wrong with him. The fact gets revealed that Willie Evans Sr. Was working with a U.S. created Cosmic Bomb in the south pacific and his son’s condition just might be the cause of being exposed by the cosmic bomb.

I mean, if I was playing around with the very same types of rays that turn normal people into rocks and flames and all stretchy and shit I’d be real leery of the side effects if you know what I mean. So naturally, the doctors decided to call in Reed Richards to see if he could lend a hand with this problem. If I ever have a problem with my PC I know who I’m going to call. Don’t anyone leave an email or comment saying the damn Ghostbusters. Ahem.

So Willie Evans Jr. has super powers and they manifest in creating a evil version of the Fantastic Four. So you pretty much know that Ben Grimm and the other members don’t like the fact that theirs an evil version of them tearing up Midtown Manhattan. I mean this would ruin their image. So yeah, The real FF tangle with the real deal. The real Fantastic Four yet again, take a beating. Each member can’t seem to handle their evil doppelgangers. Sue gets the bright idea that “Hey, we can’t beat ourselves, so lets switch!”  Hmmm, good idea, Sue. It’s about the only good thing she’s done in six damn issues. About time.

Reed figures things out (Doesn’t he always?) and runs away back to the Baxter Building to get his Radiation absorber and heads back to the hospital. Using his new tool he sucks the radiation out of little Willie Evans (Jr. not Sr. cuz that would most likely kill the poor bastard.) The Fake FF goes away, thanks to Reed’s intervention. Turns out Little Willie is a mutant. Just like Reed’s son, Franklin. Reed turns over Prof. X’s Card to Willie Sr. to give them a hand. I wonder how Willie Evans Sr. would feel if he knew that he’s kid was going to learn how to control his powers from a creepy bald dude who can read minds?  Oh and the FF finally goes to bowl. About time, I’d say.

Fun issue. It’s one and done and that’s pretty much what you’d need to set the stage for the return of the Skrulls in the next issue. Turns out they aren’t cows anymore and they aren’t afraid to try and take down Reed and his happy crew. Also, someone should give Keith Pollard a medal for his art here. He’s a very underrated artist and he’s on time. Something that’s unheard in this day and age. It was fun to read and that’s what matters most.

-Tash Moore

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