Sunday, February 1, 2015

Olivia's Pick of the Week: Scarlet Spiders #3

Scarlet Spiders #3
written by Mike Costa
art by Paco Diaz and Israel Silva

I'd like to preface first by saying I'm not a big fan of Paco Diaz's art style. That's mainly because of the very skinny yet muscular way he has of drawing the characters but the art still has it's charm and the storytelling itself is pretty good. Now that I got that out of the way I'll talk about why I chose this issue as my Pick of the Week.

There isn't a whole lot that happens in this issue. It's mainly a big fight scene.

The important part of the story is that the Spiders finally start to crack through the Inheritors' defenses. It wraps up the clone Spiders' mission and brings them back to the larger fight which will take place where the Inheritors are waiting on Loom World.

I like the way the issue starts. It's a short synopses of the hero Ben Reilly. I forgot about the opening once the action picked up with the fight with Jennix but it helps to anchor the focus of the story which will be how Ben Reilly heroically saves the day.

So Ben and Kaine are fighting Jennix but are running out of steam since Jennix has the ability to implant his conscience in a cloned body of his after his current body dies. Jess is trying to disrupt or stop Jennix's cloning facility to stop the Inheritors from receiving new bodies but this other world Human Torch is getting in her way. I like how Jess is able to handle herself. It seemingly only takes one good punch to knock out the Human Torch. Then it's lights out for him. The trouble lies with Jennix and if the Spiders don't figure out a way to shut down his facility, they'll lose since he has an endless supply of new bodies. So Ben Reilly, being the good guy he is, performs the ultimate sacrifice in order to save his friends and stop Jennix. I'm not too sure if Jennix is done for for good, but there's little thought spared on him as now Kaine, being one of the angriest Spiders, shoots off towards Loom World to fight the rest of the Inheritors. It'll be a good show to see what he does as he is the "other" the Inheritors talk about so much. We get a glimpse of Kaine's true nature in this issue by way of his prickly visage, and you can see him transform a bit more in Amazing Spider-Man #13. This is the last issue of Scarlet Spiders for Spider-Verse. I liked the way it ended. There was a balance to it in that both the good guys and the bad guys lost in this issue. The good guys had been losing a LOT in Amazing Spider-Man, so it's nice to see them pull through and get a fighting chance.


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