Friday, February 27, 2015

Superman: Earth One: Volume 3

Superman: Earth One: Volume 3
written by: J. Michael Straczynski
art by: Ardian Syaf

I've put off writing this review long enough. To be frank, I can't recall what happened in the previous two installments of Earth One, so I'm looking at this story as it stands alone. One of the funniest scenes in the entire story is when Zod-El bursts out of his space pod. The dialogue after it and the pose he strikes is so awkward. To be followed by his fall into the dirt does not set up his character to be frightening at all, and along with Alexa, he's supposed to be the major threat that Superman will have to face. Alexa overreacts in this story to the point where she seems comedic, too.
Another of my biggest grievances for this comic is the art. Many of the characters are drawn with similar facial features so it was confusing at times distinguishing them. Mostly that included Lois Lane, Martha Kent, and Lisa.

I didn't enjoy this comic much at all.

The plot includes Zod-El tracking Kal-El to Earth. As Zod hates and wants to destroy all Kryptonians this sets up conflict for the lead hero. Then there're the humans who begin to feel threatened by Superman's mere existence. People like balance and being able to keep each other's powers in check. With the help of Lex and Alexa Luther, they devise a way to stop Superman, plus they determine Zod's arrival to be another ace in the hole for getting rid of Superman. Not once do any of the people immediately concern themselves with the fact that if Zod can get rid of Superman, how will they be able to keep Zod in check there after.

The one to be a great help to Superman in his troubles is his new love interest, Lisa. Like Clark, she also leads a double life. This, coupled with her prominent sex appeal, no doubt is what makes them a couple. They understand each other and they're both eye candy for each other. Their personalities definitely don't follow into the Superman mythos I'm familiar with. It's another reason why I disliked reading this comic. The story was so over-the-top to where I almost felt like I was watching a really bad action flick from the 80s. I don't recommend Earth One Volume 3. Another thing to dislike: the Superman "bat signal". It was out of place and even Superman thought it was out of place too. This story was all kinds of whacky.

-O. Pelaez

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