Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tash's Pick of the Week: Silver Surfer #9

Tash’s Pick of the Week: Silver Surfer #9
Written By Dan Slott
Drawn By Michael Allred
Colors By Laura Allred

Well, Tash Moore here and it’s my turn for the pick of the week. I mean, when you only have two books to talk about it kind of makes it hard to it every week. I mean, I’d buy more books but screw that noise, I’m not paying $3.99 to get a story that won’t even been cannon in the next year. So yeah, I’m not throwing away good money on bad books. But I’d happily pay $3.99 for Silver Surfer. That’s a book that is cream of the crop and I hope that Dan Slott and Mike and Laura Allred stick around this title for a long time. You know, not like they tend to do now, where a creative team jumps on board for six months then gets paid and runs for the hills. It happened in Moon Knight with Warren Ellis. He’s still counting his coins on his floor. True story.

So yeah, back to me talking about Silver Surfer and how freaking awesome it is. So Surfer and Dawn Greenwood are on that planet from last issue (Which makes sense) where all the survivors of having their home planets eaten by Galactus. So yeah, Galactus shows up and everyone wants Surfer to leave. Even Dawn tells the Silver Surfer to beat it before he causes Newhaven to be eaten. Good idea, Dawn.

Things get so back that Dawn is even mad at “Toomie” which is the Surfboard of the Silver Surfer. Dawn asks how the Silver Surfer could cause the death of countless Innocent people, Surfer tells her his story. Of how he gave up his humanity to save his planet and the woman he loved. I know if I was in his place I’d have done the same thing. Hey, when it comes to taking care of me and mine, I’m totally throwing people under the bus. Hey, It’s science. You can’t fight it. Trust me, I’ve tried.

So Dawn still wants Surfer to leave before Galactus decides to chow down on NewHaven, but the Surfer has a plan. Which surprisingly doesn’t involve flying away and hiding under some coats and hoping that everything turns out okay. It’s pretty much what I would do. So the Surfer and Toomie take one of the moons that hide Newhaven and start to spin it to try and bring down the big G. But hey, Galactus ain’t having none of that.

So Surfer tries to stand up and fight and what happens. Galactus takes away the small fraction of the power cosmic that the Surfer had. So Surfer is all silvered down and floating out in space and Galactus is hungry. You know, flying around in space will totally make you super hungry. I think there was a scene that happened just like that in INTERSTELLAR. Or maybe not, I saw that movie a pretty long time ago. What was I taking about again? Oh yeah, Silver Surfer is in trouble. That’s it.

Dawn does a complete 180 and figures it just might be a good idea NOT let the Silver Surfer die. I mean, he is the start of the book, Hell his damn name is on the cover. Last time I checked it was call DAWN GREENWOOD. Well, not yet anyway.  So we get left with an awesome cliffhanger and damn the art is awesome. I hate to say this but if this is the case, I’m fine with this book being late. You all know that I can’t say but how much fun it is to read this. I get a feeling that Slott and the Allreds are having a blast putting this book together. No snark here, I’m happy with this title. Marvel, hear me now, don’t change a thing about this book. It’s perfect the way it is. When you have a winning formula don’t try to tinker with it. This comic can totally stay the same and I’d be okay with it.

-Tash Moore

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